Unearthed from my Closet: Cruz Ramirez - CARS 3 Disneybound

"It's all about motivation, Mr. McQueen. You can use anything negative as fuel to push through to the positive!"
Cruz Ramirez

Its been a bit since I fully Disneybounded during my visits to the park. I just wasn’t motivated to put things together and most of the time I wouldn’t have a piece like I don’t really having any purple bottoms to pull off a Ariel bound.

I’m not a huge fan of the CARS series. I love the secondary characters but I was never a McQueen fan. Of course, I still went to see the films! CARS 2 was okay. It was a funny spy agent spoof and I love that it revolved more around Mater but not something I would re watch or even own. I don’t think I even own the first film.

Anyways, when the third file was released I went and saw it. It went back to its original roots about racing and I hoped that McQueen wouldn’t be as annoying. Also there were new characters such as Storm and Cruz.

The film was really good! It has become one of my favorites and it was all because of Cruz. The yellow car that was a huge racing fanatic and became the racer she was always meant to be.  She became the star of the film for me. CARS 3 was all about Cruz!

When my friends who work at Disneyland started sending me photos that you could met Cruz at CARSLAND, I had to make the trip and started getting ideas to Disneybound as Cruz.

Cruz is voiced by Cristela Alonzo and it was great hearing Cruz speak some Spanish in the film even if it was a small moment. I’m not sure why I resonated with this character – maybe lack of women stories in both live and animated films - but she’s become one of my favorites.

Mouse Ears: HappilyEver Hatter
Dress: Amazon
Dinosaur purse: Amazon
Shoes: Target

Did you watch CARS 3? What were your thoughts? Was it better or meh?


Disney Cruise: Tips from a Newbie!

Jaime and I finally got to experience a Disney Cruise and it was magical! Neither one of us had gone on any kind of cruise but I kept saying when we do book our first one, it has to be a Disney Cruise.

We got our chance when they opened up cruises from San Diego to Mexico! Getting to Orlando is a bit costly for us from the West Coast. I was also scared that I would get sea sick and not enjoy my trip. So we jumped at the chance of booking the Disney Cruise Halloween on the High Seas adventure.

As I mentioned above, we knew nothing about cruises and what to prepare for. I booked the trip directly on the Disney Cruise website. Let me tell you, I learned a lot through trail and error. Just because you finish paying off your cruise doesn't mean it all ends there.

So I put together some tips that hopefully will help you out!

My Disney Cruise Tips!

1. Take advantage of the Disney payment plan - I didn't book through a travel agent but Disney Cruise offers a payment plan and it helped us out! Our trip was in Sept and we had to finish paying it off in July. So keep that in mind if you're going to do that.

2. Pre-book your excursions/events on your booking date - I made the mistake of not paying attention to my emails once I paid off my trip and didn't see the date of when I could log on to book things. Thankfully the dinner meals are included you just have to pick your sitting but some of the excursions were already filled. So pay attention to the emails Disney sends you!

Also, if you are child-less pick the later dinner sitting. It's not that late -8:15pm but it will be less rowdy and you'll get to enjoy the main shows early (there is a different show that played at 630 and than 8 something each day) and the water slide won't be as busy.

3. Download the Navigator app - It came in handy because they have a chat room for you to use. There is no reception when you get out to sea and their internet package is really expensive. Jaime and I both downloaded the app and we were able to use the chat to communicate with each other.

In reality we just sent each other Disney emojis.

4. Fill out the paper work online - Disney Cruise will send you a information packet which includes forms for you to fill out but do it online. Saves you so much trouble and worry! Checking in was a complete breeze because I did it all online!

5. Bring the essentials with you - When we got in they offered to take our suitcases or of course we could drag them in with us. I didn't want to so I handed them off to them. Also because I was told our rooms wouldn't be ready until after we sailed. So I handed off my rolling suitcase but I had my sunscreen, my bathing suit, my ID/passport. and some extra clothes so I can could get on the ship and get ready to relax.

When we checked in though not only did they let us board early (we picked 330pm just to be safe) our rooms were 100% ready. So giving them my suitcase was pointless but since I had my main items, I was able to change into my suit, grab some lunch, and hit the water slide before it got officially busy.

6. Bring a water bottle/ cup - Their drinking station was open 24/7. Sadly it was all the way on 9th and we were on deck 5. Also the cups are small. Thankfully this was one of the tips I read online! We brought our bottles and the large movie theater cups and didn't have to keep running to the drink station or wasting all those cups!

7. Bring some snacks - Most of the food is included and the restaurants/food stations are open good portion of the day but when you get the munchies after most of them have closed up, you'll be glad for that bag of pretzels. They have room service that runs all day/night and that is also included but who want to get up in the middle of their Star Wars Destiny match to get back down to deck 5 to order food?

8. You can order multiple things off the menu during dinner - You want to try all the things? Do it! I actually skipped some of the appetizers one night and got all the entrees. Another night, I asked for all the desserts.

9. Cash is your friend - You'll get the Keys to the World which is pretty much your stateroom and charge key but when your on port and want to shop, you're gonna need cash. I made the mistake of not bringing enough and used my CC to pay for something when we were in Ensenada. I got charge taxed and of course a foreign transaction fee. Thankfully I had enough cash to buy snack while were were walking around.

10. Bring sunscreen - Pack it or buy it when you land in your city of departure. The bottles on the ship are expensive and you will go through a bottle for sure! Jaime and I had the spray on kind and with the exception of not using it one day, we ran the bottle mostly empty by the end of our 5 day cruise!

11. If you pin trade, bring some - This is one tip I didn't find anywhere but they had a pin trading night with the cruise team. Thankfully I had some pinned to my purse that I was willing to part with and was able to trade for some Disney Cruise specific pins. So bring those pins!

12. There is an adult only lounge on the ship - On Disney Wonder there is a section where kids are not allowed to hang out. This came in wonderfully when I was tired of the screaming and yelling. I walked over, got in the pool, and the screams were far away. So don't worry if you're kid free and don't want to be around other children. There is section just for you. We didn't know about it until we got there.

13. Bring a card game - I will say, the adult events are seriously lacking on the ship. The few that happened were of course at night but fun. They just need more! Jaime and I had brought Star Wars Destiny and Battle Kittens with us. We would sit somewhere randomly inside or in the adults only section, have our drinks and play our game.

14. Bring an extra swimsuit or two - I didn't see this mentioned or maybe its a default but bring a few pairs! I don't know how to swim and I never going swimming but I'm glad I had three different pairs. It made life so much easier. Every day I was wearing a different one as the previous day was drying.

They do have washing machines and dryers but that can add up!

15. There are pirate parties on the ships and they are serious - A few folks talked about the pirate parties on the ship and dressing up their kids. Guys, it was serious business. I found out about them the last minute so I wasn't able to get anything together. It sounds like it's on every ship so yea, get that pirate gear!

16. Review your navigator print out every night - Your state room host leaves you a print out of the schedule of events for the next day the night before. Review it and make note of them. Also, the shows / events only happen once so before you attend. We almost passed on the Nightmare before Christmas Sing and Scream because it was at 1045pm the first night and we were tired from the bus ride. So glad we asked at guest services because it was only that one night.

17. If you're wanting to meet a character, arrive early - The character meet and greets were really short, like 15 mins short. I'm still all about getting character photos and course Disney is going to theme them up. They were in Halloween costumes, pirate gear, some of them had Hawaiian shirts, and yea, the lines get long and the characters rotate super fast. But they are out every day through out the day.

18. If you're unhappy about something, speak up - This is one thing that was never really mentioned and I believe it's because you're on a Disney Cruise but speak up if something isn't right. They will do everything they can to make it correct. Our excursion while at Ensenada was not what was advertise so by the time we hit up Cabo, we decided to just enjoy the boat. On the last day I mentioned it and they thanked us for the feedback. They said that they won't know if the tours are great without our feedback. So give that feedback!

19. STAY ON THE SHIP - I'm actually happy we decided to stay on the ship. There's nothing wrong with staying on the ship the entire time so if you want to go for it. We enjoyed it a lot. Even though we did it because we were unhappy we had the best time because it wasn't full or as loud. So stay on it if you want to. No one mentioned that as an option or tip!

Oh man, I really made a list!! Haha.. well I hope you got something out of my Disney Cruise tips may it be your first or tenth! We have plans to book the Disney Cruise Star Wars one but it will probably be a couple of years out just because that one is out east and flights are expensive.

If you're looking at taking a Disney Cruise and aren't sure, go for it!! If you don't have any kids, do it anyways. I will say Disney is lacking in the adult entertainment but overall we had a great time and really, Jaime and I found things to do!!

I'll be back soon with more photos of the cruise! Oh man I can't wait to go back.

Let me know your thoughts on Disney Cruises or any cruises you've been on!! I wouldn't mind looking at other companies now!


Summer Corgi Con 2017

The one thing I love about the San Francisco/Bay Area is that you can find a con for almost anything.

Corgi Con is a thing.

You read that correctly.


A convention about Corgi's.

It's held twice a year - summer and fall - over at Ocean Beach. This year was my second visit and it's gotten bigger. There were vendors that sold Corgi related items for both corgis and their loveable humans. There were Corgi pillows, Corgi Mouse ears, jewelry, clothing, accessories and so much more. A lot of it was all small business folks and it was great to see everything. I stayed strong and just picked up an official Corgi Con sweater.

The costume contest and races were held again and I had such a fun time watching all the cuteness.

But the main reason we went was to see all the Corgis!! Humans with non Corgis are welcomed and I had such a fun time watching them run around. Some of them were in costume too which made it even better and oh so much cuter. Jaime and both love Corgi's but with Jaime's allergies we can't have one. 

We can't have any fur animals at all. It makes us both sad. 

I took so many photos, I got to pet so many puppies (Thank you to the owners!), and since it was also a rare sunny day in San Francisco (at the time) it was good for my soul.

Corgi Con is holding their Fall event at Ocean Beach on Saturday, October 21 and the theme is Super Heroes!

Enjoy the photos and I also created a video! Watch some Corgis play on the beach and hear us squee!


Small Goals {October 2017}

This is Halloween!!!

It is October and not only is it my favorite month, my favorite holiday is just around the corner...

Who am I kidding, I celebrate Halloween all month long.

And with all that, I'm here with my small goals for October!! It has also come to my attention after doing these for a year that Small Goals became a thing thanks to Writes like A Girl. Be sure to check out her blog for her small goals and more!

Let me review my goals from September.

September Goals:

1. Pay off one credit card in full - Paid off a few since I had a couple with low balances!! I didn't have much of a paycheck all month but it was great to pay things off!

2. Purge the accessories/jewelry - I started going through it but man, I didn't realize how much I had. 

Side note: If you would like random jewelry items to recycle into other necklace and what not, hit me up. I'll ship stuff to you free of charge!

3. Complete one vlog - I got my FUNKO HQ Store visit completed and up! You can view the video here!

4. Enjoy my cruise - I enjoyed it so much that I'm ready to plan my next cruise! I mean, it won't be for a while and I really want to go on the Star Wars cruise. 

October Goals:

1. Clean the Bathroom - Adulting is so hard! I have so many expired make up items and bottles of samples from when Influcenster use to send me things to try. I also have a ton of different medications sitting in the cabinets when I was going to different doctors to get a handle on my anxiety. I really need to inventory and destroy some meds so cleaning the bathroom is something that needs to happen. 

2. Create two videos for youtube - I'm finally upping my game and I'm going to aim for two videos this month.

3. No clothes spend - Even though I've been purging my clothes and making space, I've been buying a bit too much. September took a turn for the worse because of the cruise. So no spend October it is!

4. Get 100 followers on my Disneyland Instagram - I have two instagrams - my personal and my Disney one. I'm at about 76 followers so I'm going to aim for 100 by the end of October. I'll probably do a giveaway as well. So if you love all things Disney and want to keep with my Disney adventures please follow my Insta - GladysenDisneylandia!

I hope you are ready for Halloween and may your adventures bring you lots of spooks and candy! I'm actually heading to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights this weekend. I can't wait!


FUNKO HQ Store Visit

We got to attend PAX West this year and it is located in Seattle, WA. You know what else is located in Washington?

The new Funko store!

Funko HQ store opened in mid-August and is located in Everett, WA. I’m a two hour flight away but there was no way I was going to be able to handle the crowds during grand opening.  We had added an extra day at the beginning and end of PAX so we decided to figure out how to make our way to Funko HQ on Tuesday!

For those wondering how you can get to Everett, WA from Seattle without a car, it was very simple. You can catch the bus 512 over on 4th and Pike and get off at 34th and Broadway in Everett. It was about an hour bus ride with only 10 stops. The cost was $5.50.

Once you get off the bus, Google Maps said it was about a 16 minute walk but it didn’t feel that way. On the way we passed a comic shop and a doughnut shop that had delicious cookies. It’s all on the way.

So we left at about 1030am and get there a bit before Noon. The store is opened Tuesday – Friday at 11am. They are also open on weekends. 

The store was out of this world. You can see it from the streets! They had POP statues on the side of the building, the window displays were great, all themed around a property and filled with merchandise but once I walked inside I was blown away. They had a Harry Potter section, an Anime / animation section, DC Comics, Disney, Marvel, and of course Star Wars! They took POPs and Dorbz and made them life size / huge. It was so cute!!

I felt like I was at an amusement park minus the rides!

I tried my best not to buy all the POPs I was missing. I did do some damage but it wasn’t terrible at all. I picked up a horror movie POP I haven’t been able to find, a Leia shirt, and some Horror Pint Size blind bags!

I also figured maybe I can answer a few questions about the store!

Is it open to the public?
           Yes it is! They are closed Mondays but otherwise they are open unless something is happening.

I don’t drive / don’t want to rent a car how do I get there?
     Like I mentioned above from Seattle to Everett you can catch the 512 and walk once you get off at the stop. Google MAPS is your friend.

Did they have any exclusives?
     Yes and no. During opening weekend they had specific to the store POPs. When I was there they only had POPs they have been releasing on their online store.  They do have a collection of original characters, Wetmore Forest that you can pick up there.

How was their selection?
     It was pretty good BUT I didn’t find any chases/exclusives. I believe that unless you’re from the area and visit a lot, you won’t find any. I did pick up a POP that I haven’t been able to find locally though!

Were there any vaulted or store (Target, Wal-Mart etc) exclusive figures there?
     No. Everything was current / non-vaulted commons. When I walked into the Star Wars section they had the current ROGUE ONE releases, a few Star Wars (Yoda, Leia, Boba Fett,) second wave of The Force Awakens and of course a ton of the Last Jedi! There was no Target Porg or Wal-Mart General Leia abound.

Is it all just POP figures?
      Nope! They also had their shirts, pens,  Dorbz, VYNL, Rock Candy, and more. They also had non Funko items like purses from Loungefly!
(I just found out that Funko bought Loungefly so there is that!)

Can you take all the photos?
      Yes you can!! I took so many photos and we posed with everything we could!

I keep seeing you can make your own POP figures, is it true?
       They had a station set up for making your own POP figures but as of my visit it still wasn’t up and running. I hope to swing by once it is!
That’s all I can think of at the moment. Of course things can change later and this is all from my visit at the beginning of Sept. 

I had a great time running around taking photos and seeing the creations. If you are a fan of Funko and are in the area, absolutely visit! If you’re only going for exclusives, I’d wait till they announce something because when I showed up they were completely sold out of the grand opening ones.

I also created a video of my visit including me opening the Horror Pint Size blind bags! Did I get the ones I wanted? Watch and find out!

Have you gone to Funko HQ yet? What are your thoughts on it? Do you plan to visit? Do you think it’s overkill?


Small Goals {September 2017}

Welcome to September and another set of small goals. I'm actually really proud of myself for continuing these small goals. I may not complete them but that I will keep creating and working on them at any given time even if it's no longer the corresponding month, is something. September has been off to great start and it will keep being great. August was pretty cherry too so I'm not complaining at all.

And with that lets see how August went for me!

August Goals:
1. Create /Sell a mystery box - I created a couple but I never got it up on ebay yet. I'm debating between ebay or Mercari. I'm trying to avoid ebay because of all those fees.
2. Clean up 4 more blog posts - I only cleaned up one!
3. Update my ABOUT ME page - I updated and added more photos and included more stuff about me. I like where I end up with.
4. Prep for my Disney Cruise- I think I'm prepped. I'll probbably realized I forgot something but I got our tickets, transportation to the port, paperwork filled out.

September showed up fast. Like I mentioned, August was cherry but than all of sudden it was September. My weeks are getting shorter. Time is moving faster.  I'm glad because of my vacation but at the same time it's a reminder that we are getting to the end of 2017 and I'm not sure I'm ready yet.

I wasn't ready enough to get my September goals figured out and written up early enough.  I flew to Seattle at the end of August, came home a few days later, catching up and here we are. The second week of September. 

There have been moments where I want to take a break for the month but I want to be held accountable.

September Goals:
1. Pay off one credit card in full - I've been doing well paying them all off but that pesky Paypal credit is taunting me. I mean, its all pay off balances in six months but I really need to stop doing that. My mission is to knock it all out this month.
2. Purge the accessories/jewelry - I have too many items and I have realized I don't really wear jewelry /accessories as much anymore. If I do it's mainly Star Wars or simple dainty necklaces. I was also into making my own nerdy jewelry at one time and I have so many supplies.
3. Complete one vlog - I'm trying really hard to get the hang of this whole vlogging thing! I have clips from Corgi Con, Disneyland, Funko HQ, things I did this summer and I want to share them if they are only for me.
4. Enjoy my cruise - I have plans to do nothing but lounge around. When Jaime and I vacation, we vacation hard. We're always running around, getting up early and just go go go! I'm going to relax and soak it all in. 

So wish me luck on completing these goals and of course getting that mystery box up and sold. I'll be writing a post about my experience for sure. Hope it will be later this month. 

Good luck with your goals!!


Unearthed from my Closet : Magic and Unicorns

It's the only way to describe this skirt. It is made of Magic and Unicorns.

I found out about Elhoffer Design from a friend and I've been a customer ever since. My first piece was the vintage Black Widow inspired cardigan and it's gone down? up? hill from there. I've mainly been buying up her Star Wars inspired pieces but when she added maxi skirts to her store, I had to grab one.

Maxi skirts with pockets! It was a dream come true.

I'm not the type of person to wear bright, pretty colors. I stay with my blacks, blues, greys, - the darker colors. I don't think I can pull off anything bright so when the maxi skirts went up, I was going to buy the black one because black is safe and goes with everything.

I ended up buying this one instead.

I felt so pretty in this skirt. I even went with a white top and tried the whole knot style. I felt and looked adorable. I had a comment on my IG from a friend questioning it because it was pink and blue. I don't know y'all but I had confidence. I do battle with self doubt in how l look in clothes and just in general. I do climb out of that feeling and doing these outfit photos is one way of making me feel good about myself. Some of my favorite clothing companies as much as I love their items make me hate my body at times. The sizing is all over the map and I'm like there is no way an XXL is too tight and why is it showing my tummy like I'm pregnant?

I haven't had that with anything from Elhoffer Designs. Everything fits like its meant to and her dresses & skirt have that extra stretch in the waist area so I'm never stuck  having to decide to size up because of my tummy or size down because of my chest. This can mess with you!!

At least me anyways.

This skirt is so comfortable, flowly, and again it has POCKETS. The fabric is thick but not heavy at all. I wore it to a friends wedding reception in LA and I was absolutely comfy the entire time. All her items are locally made and the craftsmanship is the best. You know the saying "you get what you paid for," this skirt was defintly worth it.

Top: Forever21
Skirt: Elhoffer Designs
Shoes: Ross

I was a magical fairy this day.


Unearthed from my Closet: Slytherin Pride

On June 26th, 1997, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was released.
On June 26th, 2017 Harry Potter celebrated its 20th Anniversary. 

That week we went to Universal Studios Hollywood to take the mini geek to Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She's never been and I'm always down for a adventure. Luck would have it that we schedule that trip that weekend. 

But I got a geeky confession for you. I haven't finished the series - in both book and film forms. 

I never got through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I keep getting stuck in the same spot, bored and I just stop reading. Jaime has even given me the book on audio and I"ll listen to a good chunk and stop. 

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was my favorite book and I didn't like how the third film went so I didn't bother with the rest of the series. I was shown Goblet of Fire not too long ago and well, I spent the entire time rolling my eyes and hating Ron. Was that just me? Does anyone else hate film Ron? Does he get better?

But it happens in geekdom! No one is going to like everything and there are people out there who like certain parts of a fandom. That's totally okay! Thankfully the jokes about not finishing Potter have been small and mainly from my friends. I do want to finish the books because I heard they get a LOT better but I want to finish Goblet. 

But either way, I do like Harry Potter and I'm all about House of Slytherin. My friends will tell me things about the world of Potter and they all agree I belong in that house. 

And with that note, I totally rocked a Slytherin theme outfit to Universal that day.

Top: Amazon
Skirt: 1138Clothing
Shoes: Random store
Wand : Universal Studios Orlando

I'll finish the books one day.

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