Thursday, March 2, 2017

Small Goals {March 2017}

Oh my god, I can't believe it's already March! 2017 is flying by and I thank the maker it is. 2017 is going to be a tough year but there is so much I'm looking forward to like my trip to Orlando for WDW / Star Wars Celebration, SDCC if they ever get the ball rolling, Seattle / PAX, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Logan, and oh man so many good things.

And of course the biggest thing MY TRIP TO JAPAN!! I fly out the 13th and I'm jumping in my seats guys. I am so antsy to get going!!!

As I'm sitting here typing up about March that means February is all over and a whole new set of goals as been created... sort of.

Sort of?

Yes but let us first review my goals from last month!

February Goals:

Clean out my closet - The shirts have been cleaned out, the bottoms have been gone through, but I am working on the hanging items like dress, sweaters, etc. I'm really proud but also guys, it feels like a waste now. I'm having a bit of body issues right now because of my IUD and I think I may type a post about it. But yes, cleaning out of the closet was 95% completed!

Post a YouTube video - I did it!! You can see my poor excuse of a video on my Star Wars Light Side 5K recap post here!

Finalize the Japan trip - I think this is the first time where we took forever to finalize everything but we did it! Tokyo hotel is booked, Disneyland think have been bought, Universal Japan Osaka date has been chosen! We are ready!!

And now my goals for March!!

March Goals:


That's it!! I'm gone for most of the month and really, sometimes you just need to make having fun a freaking goal! I've bee doing for six month plus and I don't think I've really given myself a "have a blast" and you just gotta. For both your physical and mental health.

Now to survive the remaining week and a half before the trip!! Guys, I can't wait!! 

How was your month? Did you complete our goals? Come up with new ones for March!? Lets talk about it and cheer each other on!

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Geek Girls x Bloggers Valentine's Day Swap

It's been a long time since I've done any kind of swapping. I use to do crafting swaps over on a crafter's board but it eventually got expensive with supplies and shipping. I also was running out of hours in the day to work on stuff so I had to give it up.

I joined the Geek Girls x Bloggers group on facebook and Natalie put together a Valentine's Day card swap. I love doing the whole valentine's day exchange in elementary school and to this day I still love this little paper cards so when I saw the post, I just had to sign up.

I didn't buy a box of Valentine's but instead I found some geeky printable ones online and I printed them out. I found some Potter, Super Mario Bros, and Star Wars one. Since Natalie collected everyone's blog, I poked around and made sure to send something close to one of their geek loves. I hope I did a good job.

Anyways, through the entire month of February, I got so much happy mail!! It was getting a Valentine here and there almost every day and they were so adorable. I got a little bit of everything, store bought, printable, hand made, and some even came with candy and tattoos.

I already ate the candy LOL

I'm glad I participated in the swap and I can't wait for the next one.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

RunDisney Star Wars Light Side 10K

I'm back with another RunDisney recap!

On Saturday I woke up again at 3am to get ready for the 10k. Jaime was joining me this run. This time I went as Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens since the medal for the 10K was BB-8. We got ready and made our way over to the corrals.

We were second to last of the groups because I completely forgot to submit our proof of times to get into an earlier group. Oh well. So we stood around in the cold, listening to the pre show since we were too far away to actually watch it and kept ourselves entertain.

Finally at 5:30am they started rolling the groups and I got excited!! It was almost our turn. Light Side was my second 10K ever. My first one was the Doctor Strange 10K last year.

And finally we were off and away.

The 5K is entirely in both parks with a bit of Downtown Disney. The 10K adds some backstage and a bit more of Downtown Disney in the route. I love running backstage and getting to see all the cool things.

Because this was theme to TFA, they had characters from that film out. Again, since we were in the back by the time we got to the first character stop, it was long. Also the 10K is timed and we need to maintain a 16 min per mile or we get picked up. So I did what I did during the 5K, drive by selfie's. Also since I had Jaime with me, we managed to take more shots of the park. Folks also helped us get a few pictures so we could have a couple together.

The characters for the 10k were C-3PO and R2-D2, BB-8, Kylo Ren, and Chewbacca. First Order Stormtroopers and Captain Phasma were around but they had official spot to take a photo with them. I again started a road block to get a selfie with Captain Phasma. I was sad about not getting photos with ANY of the droids. Again, the line was 50 min+ wait. Kylo and Chewie I was going to skip either way since I have a ton of photos with Kylo and Chewie is still a character meet and greet in the parks.

The 10K was a great time and of course was even more fun running with Jaime. The 10k did get a bit bottled up in some parts and even though we both do the running/walking, we were forced to walk for a good chunk backstage before entering Tomrrowland.

After we finished and got our medals, we headed back to the hotel to get ourselves cleaned up and back in the park for the day!

On Sunday I woke up early again to participate in my first ever half marathon. That was interesting to say the least.

Post on that coming soon!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

RunDisney Star Wars Light Side 5K!

Back in January, I went to Disneyland to participate in the RunDisney Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon weekend. This year was my second time running the Light Side but it was my third RunDisney event. You can read about my Star Wars 5K here and my Doctor Strange 10K here.

I had originally only signed up for the Star Wars Light Side 10K because at the time the 5K runners were not given metal medals. They changed that at the end of last year. I was still okay with the 10K until I saw all the medals for the weekend.

I ended up signing up for the 5k and the half marathon as well.

A post shared by Usagi 🎀 (@usagimylene) on

Friday morning I woke up at 3am to get myself ready and head over to the event / starting area. Working the early hours over at my part time job made the 3am wake up call easier. I was running the 5K by myself since I was only able to get one entry ticket and Jaime was barely sure he could run the 10k. Instead of getting there at 4am like they ask you too, I took my time and got some food. By the time I made my way over, they had open up the corrals and I got into my spot.

I was in the last group because I registered two weeks before the event so even though I have a good pace per mile for 5k runs, I was in the back. Last year I was in the first group and I was able to stop and get pictures with everyone I wanted. Since I was in the last group, that didn't go so well. All the character lines were long. C-3PO and R2-D2 who are never out at Disneyland had over an hour wait in line. I made the tough choice to do drive-by selfies.

As long as you weren't blocking folks - both runners and those waiting, they were pretty chill with folks walking up and getting selfie photos.

There were Stormtroopers and Boba Fett was out but they weren't actual lines for them. Boba Fett is in Star Wars Launch Bay at the park so I was okay with that. He comes out at random times so you just gotta get lucky.

I did get a photo with a horse on the course. A Force horse LOLOL

Even though this time I had to do drive-by selfies, I had such a blast like always. The Cast Members out cheering you on, the Star Wars music playing as you run, the photo ops of the park in general when it's not open just yet, it's always a great time.

The RunDisney events are expensive and as I mentioned I did three this time around but so worth it being both a Disney fan and a Star Wars fan.

And because I have been running and training, the 5K was a totally breeze for me. After I finished, I went back to the hotel to get ready and spend the day at the park!!

Saturday morning was the 10K and that post is coming soon!

Also, I attempted to Vlog the 5K!! I wanted to do the same for the 10K and half but I realized that it would be the same & after mile 6 of the half, you'd just see nothing-ness as I ran through the streets of Anaheim.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Moon Prism Power! Make Up!

I had myself a little Sailor Moon weekend back in January.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a HUGE Sailor Moon fan and when Viz Media announced that Sailor Moon R the Movie would be getting a limited theatrical release, I stalked their site for the list of theaters. I had gotten tickets to see it at the Alamo Drafthouse but I was fortunate enough to get an e-mail about seeing it as press for Agents of Geek a week before that showing so I jumped on it.

Getting to see it twice? Of course!!

It was Friday night so after work I headed off to Japan town to get myself some ramen for dinner and watch the movie over at the NEW PEOPLE Theater. If you ever in San Francisco, check out the New People building!

Not only did we get to watch Sailor Moon R the Movie subbed, they also showed a mini movie titled Make Up! Sailor Guardians.  The mini movie centers around Usagi and Chibi-Usa hanging out at an outdoor café and they over hear two girls talking about the Sailor Guardians. It’s pretty much a recap of who is who in the series.

This was such an awesome event to get to attend because of the memories I have associated with this series. I’ve seen and own the edited down version of Sailor Moon R the Movie aka Sailor Moon R the Movie - The Promise of the Rose but I also own the original cut of the film on VHS. Back in day, when you wanted something subbed there were groups out there that would do that AND put them on VHS.

Witnessing this movie on the big screen was the freaking best.

On Sunday I got to check out a local gallery because they were hosting a Sailor Moon exhibit. I luckily heard about it in time to check it out on the last day! It was a small place but I love the art. It was magical to say the least. Also, they created such a cute display – they made a bedroom and I wanted everything! The vanity, the bed covers, the lamps, they even had Sailor Moon’s wand out. The original art was for sale and some even had prints you could order. I did order one and will share once it arrives.

So yea, I had such a fun filled Sailor Moon weekend. I can’t wait for the new season of Sailor Moon Crystal to start and I really hope Viz Media gets the opportunity to give Sailor Moon S the Movie and Sailor Moon Super S the movie theatrical releases.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Geek Girl Brunch SF/Bay Area : Sherlock!

I started off 2017 with a Geek Girl Brunch get together! I'm still going strong as one of the officers for SF/Bay Area. I still have no idea what I'm doing but me along with the two other awesome officers are having fun figuring it out.

We decided for 2017 to up our brunches to once a month from last year's bi-monthly meet ups. Here's hoping with this change we'll get more of a turn out! So with that note, January's 2017 theme was


Sherlock premiered back on the 1st of the month so we decided to keep rolling with it and make it our theme. Kristy found a pub that was accessible by public transportion and had parking. Finding restaurants that are near public trans is important to us because we are taking on the Bay Area and some folks don't drive like me.

The pub was called Kensington Circus Pub out in Kensington, CA which I didn't know existed. Another awesome plus about Geek Girl Brunch, finding all these little towns all around the Bay Area.

We all had some fun activities planned and Sarah, our other fellow officer picked up some cute Sherlock stickers for the girls. I printed out a fun search and find activity (by Christina Wald) that I found online and gave everyone a tea bag of Christmas tea. Kristy brought some trivia for us to play and we hand prizes.
One of the games was match the actors to their characters in the BBC series and I failed. I failed badly. I missed all the ladies.

The food, the food was delicious. I ended going with pancakes stuffed with bacon. BACON. I can't say no to bacon. I also ordered a hot buttered rum as my drink of choice and boy was I warm and fuzzy by the end of it.

The Geek Girl Brunch Sherlock was a great start to what I'm hoping will be a great 2017 for the SF / Bay Area chapter. Our next brunch is at the Alamo Drafthouse in SF. This is will be a new process for us! The LEGO Batman movie comes out on the 12th so we are hoping to pull off this event and maybe have more movie / brunch events in the future too.

If you want to know more about Geek Girl Brunch and see if your city has a chapter, check out the website here. If you don't see your city listed maybe think about becoming an officer and start your chapter!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Unearthed from my closet: Do or Do Not. There is No Try

Two years ago I signed up for my very first 5 K. In 2016, I ran it. Towards the end of the 2016, I ran my first 10K.

This year, I jumped all in and signed up for not only the 5K and the 10K but also the half marathon. My first 13.1 miles. I'm going to be taking about all three runs in their own posts but I'm here to show off my running outfits!

That's the beauty of these RunDisney events, the costumes! They use to be a bit more relax with their costume rules so I would see photos of people running as Tie Fighters and such. Last year, they got a bit more strict so folks did have to tone it down but that still doesn't stop them from dressing up!

Since I was running all three, I put together my own Star Wars running theme outfits!

5K - R2-D2

Skirt: Amazon
Running capris: Betsey Johnson

I went with my favorite droid ever, R2-D2! The tank was from Mighty Fine but a word of caution, this is awkward sizing. I ordered a L and it was really tight on me. I bought the blue sparkly skirt at Amazon (any excuse to wear a sparkle skirt!) and just basic black running capris. Such a simple and easy running outfit and it was great to run in!

10K- Rey

Galactic Scavenger Vest: Elhoffer Designs 
White Moisture shirt: Amazon
Gray running pants: Her Universe for Kohl's (NA)

For the 10K, I went as Rey since the medal was BB-8! For this outfit I bought a moisture wicking shirt because I was running a longer and timed race. That and I didn't want to sweat into my vest. Another comfortable running outfit! The run started at 5:30am and this vest kept me really warm!

Half - Leia

White Moisture shirt: Amazon
White tulle skirt: Target
(Gray) Running pants: Her Universe for Kohl's (NA)

The medal for the half was Leia and Han on one side and the other side was the Yavin medal. I went with an all white outfit in honor of her Senate one or heck, her Yavin ceremony one. I couldn't find my running shorts the last minute so I wore the pants under my skirt. It's one thing to run in those really short sparkle skirts, it's another in a full tulle one. I did it though and folks knew who I was channeling! A little girl on the sidelines cheering the runners started yelling "Go Leia!" 

I'm glad I was able to put together outfits out of store bought and RUNNING items! They were also great choices to run in. Getting the chance to play dress up as my favorite characters in any form is the best and I will take every opportunity! I don't know how folks with cardboard pieces did it in the past but more power to them. 

I was hoping to make a trip out to WDW for their Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon weekend but it's not looking good. There's always next year.

Now to come up with running outfits for the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend later this year!

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