Monday, April 17, 2017

Unearthed from my Closet: Disneyland 30th Anniversary!

My mother took me and my brother on our very first Disneyland trip back in 1985. I fell in love with Disneyland and I never looked back, as you can tell from all my Disney Park posts! As I was going through old photos, I found a stack of Disney photos from that trip which I ended up putting into a scrapbook.

Fast forward to now, I looked at the photos again and realized that I had visited during Disneyland's 30th anniversary! I thought that was such an awesome thing, to be able to say my first visit was during X anniversary. 

Since I was a tiny human who didn't have money and my mother has a tight gripe on hers (nothing wrong with that) I had nothing from that trip except my Minnie Mouse plush (she is missing her dress and her smile has come undone) that I decided to fix that. 

I found and bought a 30th Anniversary shirt on ebay. I found one decently priced and never used. I decided to wear it during the trip I took with friends. It was great to wear this. I wish I had thought about looking to see when I went earlier so I could of rocked it during Disneyland's 60th but that's okay. 

Do you know when you first visited a Disney park? Have a favorite memory??

Here's to more years of me visiting Disney Parks!

Black Cardigan: Thrifted but similar here
Disneyland 30th shirt: ebay
Skirt: LulaRoe
Boots: Kohl's 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Five Fandom Friday: 5 Favorite Droids

I'm playing catch up on past Five Fandom Friday themes and I thought this was one was perfect for this week considering I'm in Orlando for Star Wars Celebration!!

I could of gone with so many different droids from everywhere but of course I had to stick with my favorite Star Wars droids. This universe has so many funny, witty, intriguing droids. A few of them I would love to be real and I want to be friends with.

Here's my list of my 5 favorite droids!

1. R2-D2

R2-D2 is my number one droid. As a little kid, I was in awe that this moving robot was real because when you're kid, everything in movies is real. His attitude towards the entire series of events is just great and I feel like R2 just gets me. And they way they gave him so much personality with a few simple beeps and boops in the entire series is great. And his "I'm not dealing with your crap" attitude towards C-3PO is like the best thing ever.

2. Chopper

Oh my little heartless droid. Chopper is from the animated series Star Wars Rebels and is another droid that I just love due to his attitude. I'm telling you, Star Wars is great at giving droids so much emotions with simple beeps coming out of the screen. I call him heartless because of one episode in the series where the gang bring on another droid and it involved him, Chopper and a hatch. Chopper was not having any fudgery and said nope to this droid being on board. Oh my heartless droid. Also, Chopper acts like he's always inconvenienced by the team but he has a heart of gold for them.

3. BB-8

What can I say about BB-8 that other folks don't already know? He's so cute.

4. K-2SO

This damn droid and that damn movie. He was only in it for one movie and he was one of my favorite characters ever. He's so sassy and I really love me some droids with attitudes as seen from my first two droids. BB-8 is much nicer than these three.

5. Mouse Droid

The Mouse Droid which we first see in Star Wars: A New Hope, is just plain adorable to me. He's gets so scared of Chewie and man, I just want to protect that little tiny Emperial droid. I'd just have him running around my apt and probably trip over it a few times.

There you have it! My Five Favorite Droids from the Star Wars Universe. What are your favorite droids? Let me know in the comments below or drop your link if you did this post already! I would love to read it.

Have a  great weekend!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Unearthed from my Closet: It is clear to me now that the Republic no longer functions.

Padme gets no love anywhere so I had to use one of her quotes as a title.

I have slowly accepted that my entire wardrobe has slowly become Star Wars items and I'm okay with that. For my most recent trip to Disneyland, I finally wore my DIY Star Wars vest. You can read about it here. I also brought out the Hutt Slayer sneakers from the Star Wars x ADIDAS collection that happen years ago.

My pin game was strong with me!! I am sad that even though I had locking pin backs, I lost my Han Solo blaster pin from Yesterday Co. I'm hoping I can replace it.

Wearing my fandom on my sleeve makes me happy and getting to wear my fandom at Disneyland just brings me joy. Disneyland is my happy place and Star Wars is part of that. No matter how many times I get asked about either, my answer will always be the same.

I love Disneyland and I love Star Wars.

 photo 20170208_142939_zpssotj4wmc.jpg

Star Wars vest: DIY
Pins: Yesterday Co, Disneyland, Smuggler's Bounty
Go Rogue Shirt: Target
Skinny pants: Uniqlo
Leia Sneakers: ADIDAS (N/A)
Rogue One tote: Loungefly

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wish List: Star Wars!

In honor of Star Wars Celebration, I made a small list of some fabulous Star Wars items that are on my wish list.

1. Loungefly Star Wars Scribble Art Satchel - Box Lunch

Purses are my weakness and I'm adding so many geek ones to my collection. I'm loving the Star Wars purses Loungefly has been releasing. This scribble satchel is high on my purse want list.


I am so glad Ahsoka merchandise is being released and this magnificent shirt of the fight between her and Darth Vader is the best. Let me say, that fight in Star Wars Rebels made me emotional.

3. The Dark Side Mouse Ears with Custom Bow - Aloha Ear Design

I have discovered 3D printed mouse ears are a thing and Aloha Ear Designs have been making some stunning ones. I ordered their Mermaid Lagoon one and they just released one of three Star Wars designs. The Death Star and Tie Fighter headband is amazing and I can't wait for sales to open up again to grab one.

4. I Rebel Pin - LanternPins

I have a huge pin game going on right now and I just don't care. One can't have too many. They are great to put everywhere and to use to liven up an outfit. This I Rebel pin from LanternPins is on my list to grab (will be at Celebration) and she has two other designs... a I love you / I know set and of course I'm one with the Foce pin and The Force is with Me pin. If you'll be at SWCO, you should pick one up!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

RunDisney Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon

Ending my RunDisney Star Wars Light Side recaps with the Half Marathon.

What was I thinking? Oh. I wasn't.

I've only ran 10K or less. Never more. I never had plans to enter the RunDisney Half Marathons because I'm not doing 13.1 miles and I usually headed home on Sundays. When they showed off the medals for the half, my crazy self decided I needed to do it.

The medal was a spinner and it had the medal of Yavin and on the other side it had Han Solo and Leia Organa.

I wanted it.

Now the thing with RunDisney races, as along as you start the race you will get the medal. Not many people think it's fair. If you don't finish the race though and are going for the Coast 2 Coast or that specific race challenge medal, you don't get those.

So I trained for a good year. I ran as often as I could for as many miles as I could. I was ready!

So Sunday morning I woke up, got dressed in my Leia theme running outfit and made my way back over to the starting line. I was in the second to last group and I waited and waited. Finally it was my groups turn and we were off. The start of the half is just like the 5k and 10k. You make your way through both parks, get photos, and than at mile 6 you head out to the streets of Anaheim.

Before I get to the part, I want to say I finally got my photo with C-3PO and R2-D2!! Either there weren't many folks signed up for the half (I believe it didn't sell out) or people were to scared of getting picked up and not finishing the lines were short. I took advantage of that and I got photos!!

I got photos with R2, BB-8, Sabine and Ezra, and Stormtroopers. I skipped Chewie and Darth Vader again because they are in the parks. I was so excited to get my photos.

So once we left the parks, we were running the streets of Anaheim and it was boring as all heck. I mean, folks were out there cheering us on. Cheerleaders, band members, even the 501st was out there but when there was no one, it was boring. Thankfully I had my phone to hear music but yea the half at Disneyland is not my cup of tea.

Also, I almost got picked up and not finish the race. You know how I said above I was ready, that was a lie. You see, I trained for miles but I didn't train for back to back MILES. 5K, 10K, and a half three days in a row is killer on your body and I destroyed mine.

I had to stop and use the bathroom. They have porta potty out on the streets of course but being in the last group of runners, those things are not clean by the time you given in to use it and I had a tutu on. I was at mile 7 or 8 at this point.

Long story short, I took too long and when I got out I was told by officials that I was behind the ballon ladies.

The balloon ladies are the race pacers so if you are behind them you are not keeping up the pace. I ran. I ran like I was told there was dole whip at the other end. I round the corner and I see the Death Star balloons. I'm still running. I'm sprinting at this point. I see the guys on bikes starting to line up and the shuttle buses appear. Once the bikes make a chain, you are done.

I ran passed the balloon ladies, the guys on bikes, and I kept running.

And I kept going like there was dole whip at the end with my medal. I kept going and I finished the race.

I think I clocked in at 3 hours but  I FINISHED MY FIRST HALF MARATHON.

I got my Leia medal and I was so happy!!

I swore I would never do another half but I really want the Millennium Falcon medal. The only way to get it is do and finish the Light Side Half in Disneyland and the Dark Side Half in Walt Disney World.

I think I'm going to hold off and do that has a 40th Birthday present to myself. If you do a race in each park, you also get another medal... the coast to coast. They also started doing events in Disneyland Paris and doing that one gets you the Castle to Chateau medal. I do wanna go back and visit Paris.

It was a fun filled and exhausted weekend and I'm so glad I did all three races!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Five Fandom Friday: Favorite Sequels

March had some fun Fandom Friday prompts but like always, I wasn't prepared and didn't have any ready to go while on vacation. But the real fun is sometimes you don't have to follow the schedule and just post your answers whenever you want. The prompt was Favorite Sequels and it's open to so many different topics. Your favorite game sequels, books, I consider seasons beyond the first as sequels, there was such a possibility but of course I went films.

I'm here today to share my favorite film sequels.


Out of all the Alien films, ALIENS is by far the best sequel ever. Heck, I think it's one of the best sequels ever made. (Fight me!!) Ripley is back and she along with a military team fly over to LV-426 to take on possible Xenomorphs and when they discover ya no, there really are Xenomorphs it's just non stop action. The writing is top notch and this is one of the few films that make me love just about all the characters from goofy Hudson, slim ball Burke, and of course Newt.

2. Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

Did you really think I wouldn't throw a Star Wars film on this list. Out of all the films, ESB is absolute hands down the best. It's one of the few films where the bad guy wins and everything that could go wrong for the heroes did. Sometimes I need that kind of film where the heroes fail. There is some great battles (HOTH!), my favorite fictional animals are around, the biggest revel ever, and those famous words between my most love Princess and Scoundrel.

3. Gremlins 2 : The New Batch

It is the worst best sequel ever. Gremlins was a true to form creature horror film but not rated R. The monsters were scary and nasty, the "deaths" were funny, and that ending was just disgusting. So when Gremlins 2 came out, it took a 180 and was something completely different. It was comical, it had a musical, it had weird Gremlins that could talk, become spiders, googly eyes. It was the best sequel that could come out of that series.

Granted there are only two films but still... A++ man. The best.

4. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

One of the best Terminator films ever. The first one was great but the second one just took things further with the story, the idea, the characters, and heck giving us such a strong female character in Sarah. She started off in the first one running, scared, not really understanding but at the same time you couldn't blame her to being this women ready to take on the machines. I'm kinda said they let Sarah just fall off and keep making these terrible sequels about her son that were just not the best.

I did see the most recent film but something was missing with this newest Sarah character.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

I know the first four films were direct sequels but for this one, I'm skipping the second film and going to the third one in the series. A Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite horror film series ever and the third film is the best of them all. Dream Warriors is about the final children of Elm Street being held in a hospital and this being the final end all of this dream monster attacking the children. Of course the 6th film completely changed that outcome and everything got shifted.

What are some of your favorite sequels? Throw them at me! Movies, Games, Books, whatever! I'm always down to discover new things!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Small Goals {April 2017}

Hello Spring! Welcome back, I've missed you. The sun is setting late, San Francisco has gotten a tad bit warmer, and I don't feel like my soul is being slowly stripped away getting up at 3am anymore. It's the time change and for some reason makes it so much easier to be at work starting at 4am and going until 5pm.

Also, I'm back from my most amazing two weeks in Japan. We visited Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya which we did not have any plans to. It just happened and that is a story to be told! March was an amazing month and because of that I had no goals for it. I had one, it was to have fun and oh man did I have such a thrilling time. So with that, I can say I accomplished my goal from March and I am here with my goals for April 2017!

April Goals:

 Exercise - I stopped going to the gym / running just after the Star Wars Marathon when I got sick twice, one right after the other. During that down time it made me realize how much running even if only for 30 mins makes me feel mentally better. I'm tried as all crap when I restart exercising / running but my head space is so much better. I need to get back into that.

 Back to blogging - I was heading out strong this year and than just punched the brakes. For a while I kept asking myself "why am I blogging?" And it does semi mess with you. I blog to keep in touch with folks, I blog to share my experiences, I blog so I can have a record of my adventures. Scrapbooking is great but blogging helps me share these stuff so much more easily and it helps with scrapbooking when you don't remember something for a couple years ago but you have an elecetronic record of it. I'm blogging for myself and I'm writing for myself so I need to stop thinking in negative terms and have fun blogging again.

 Comment on blogs - I am so terrible when it comes to commenting. I read your stuff. I enjoy your entries, your stories, your hard work on that blog, those photos that took you at least 30 tries till you got the right one. I read blogs at work during my down time. Not all of my reading list is blocked but for some of you, whatever commenting platform you use is blocked so I can't comment. I make the mental note to do it when I'm home and I don't get around to it. I want to get better at that.

 Create another video - I had a goal to upload one video back in February and I did! It's so terrible, I have no clue what I'm doing in Movie Maker and I used my cell phone but I am darn proud of it. It was a video for my Star Wars 5K Run at Disneyland which you can check it out here. Like I said, it's all so bad but I worked hard and I want to do another one. Maybe a Tokyo Disneyland / Disney Stores Haul video!

 Unpack from Japan - Something more of a to do item but I really shouldn't let my suitcase sit in the hallway. I have Star Wars Celebration next week and I don't want to come home to two suitcases that need unpacking. I didn't buy a lot while in Japan but I did buy a lot. It makes sense in my head lol

So this is my month!

You ready to conquer your April?!
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