Attempt number...?

I keep trying to do this blog thing but it never seems to work out. I use to have livejournal and I love blogging about my day, my projects, my trips, whatever tickled my fancy.

I found out about VOX and moved over there. I liked their set up and the interface was pretty simple to use. Sadly, they shut down a few years later. I than discovered blogger and decided to give it a shot.

I kept reading hints and tips about picking one topic and sticking to it. I went with that idea and as you can see, it didn't pan out so well.

I tried making it a travel blog but I hardly traveled much at the time. I tried making it a DIY/Art blog but with school and multi jobs at the time, I would go days on end without posting. My last attempt was doing a thrift blog and it was working out well... I had pre planned posts ready to go, photos were taken and edited but than one day I didn't find anything to show and it turned into days, weeks, and I finally came in and deleted all my posts.

I was going to delete my blog all together and I decided to give it another go and this time the theme will be about ME.

Anything and everything I like, I will post. Crafts, trips, thrifting, my love for TV shows, whatever I feel like sharing.

So here's another go at this blog thing... but now excuse me for I have discovered GRIMM and I'm watching the second season on HULU PLUS.

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