Boxsome! Nostalgia Packs!

Instagram can be both a good and terrible place in terms of my shopping habits. I always find awesome things to buy and one of the items I discovered was Boxsome: Nostalgia Packs!

According to the site: "Boxsome was started by me, Tommy Day, of the geek culture blog Top Hat Sasquatch. I wanted to start a site where geeks could come and get some really cool, well thought out bundles of products for reasonable prices without worrying about monthly fees. Monthly fees just make me think of bills. I’d rather just buy geek stuff whenever I feel like it, but that’s just me."

Right now he is selling packs of trading cards from yesteryear's like Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, Jurassic Park, Howard the Duck, and many others. If you sign up for his e-mails, you get told about newest packs and sometimes get a discount! I got an e-mail that they had packs from all three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies and placed an order! I even bought a pack of Dark Crystal and Nintendo cards!

I was really excited to see The Dark Crystal cards because THE DARK CRYSTAL MAN!! I actually didn't see the film until a few years ago and I truly enjoyed it. I got the Nintendo game packs because I remember those making me so mad when I would lose. Of course, the whole reason I bought cards where for the TMNT set. It was so much fun to go through them all and remember the films. Even though I do not like the third one. At all.

Also, you get some great extras with your order! I got some random loose Batman, Alf, TMNT animated, and Star Wars cards! Do you see the awesome Jabba the Hut one?! POGS!! I got POGS!! The Tommy one from the Power Rangers is the greatest thing ever. I remember playing as a kid but keeping all the good ones. I actually found some The X-men pogs at a thrift store once. It included Jubilee. They even sent some Panini stickers from Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales! I gave Mistah J a Darkwing Duck sticker album for Valentine's day so I handed him those stickers.

It's a really neat concept and if you love trading cards from when we were kids or know someone who does, this is a great gift. I'm going to use my cards in my Project Life album as fillers and I'll probably get into playing pog again... if I can find someone else to play with. 

Check them out and order a pack!

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