Five Favorite Things!

Every Friday, I'm going to post my five favorite things of the week. It's not the most original idea because many bloggers do it. You can google it or something close to that title and it will pull up a bunch of blogs.

On that note, here's my top five things of the weeks!

(Photo Credit: Tiny Tangerine)

Isn't this pin just adorable!! I love Grumpy Cat and the meme's I've seen around are so hilarious. I just can't get enough. When I saw this photo of a pin on instagram, I squeed with delight! Tiny Tangerine did such an amazing job! She made it from polymer clay and hand painted it! I can't wait to order one!

(Photo Credit: AMAZON)

Have you seen Grimm? It's such an amazing show. I've been eating up Season 2 on Hulu Plus and I'm two away from the season finale! The relationships between all the characters - Hank/Nick, Nick/Monroe, and especially Rosalie/Monroe is just great. I adore Sargent Wu as well! If you like Sci-fi/fantasy, folk-lore, you should really be watching this show!

(Photo Credit: Le Bunny Bleu)

Aren't these flats from Le Bunny Bleu just adorable??!! I really wanted to buy a pair but they are sold out of my size BUT ideeli offered a 2 day sale of Le Bunny Bleu shoes and I ordered a pair. I'll post photos when I get them. I can't wait for them to arrive!!

(Photo Credit: Marina and the Diamonds website)

I discovered Marina and the Diamonds from a fanmix. The song I listened to was Primadonna. I started listening to her other songs on youtube and I ran off and bought both of her albums. Her music is so infectious and fun! Bubblegum Bitch is one of my favorites followed by I'm not a robot and Starting Role. I got to see her in concert earlier this month and she put on such an amazing show. You should give it a listen! 

(Photo Credit: AMAZON)

I didn't realize they made a Batgirl Pullip doll until I was wondering around on Amazon. I own the Harley Quinn one and I was hoping they would make more but they usually always end up being con exclusives. (Harley was a NYCC 2012). Batgirl is for sale on amazon but I need to save up for her. Damn my student loans!

I hope you enjoyed my top five today!

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