Five Favorite Things!

This ended up on my tumblr dashboard and I was smiling the entire time. So cute!!

(Video credit: Youtube.com)

I remember watching this film when I was younger and hoping to have powers like Louise. Sue me, I was ten years old. I haven't seen it in a while and I didn't realize how awesome bad it was. It's great. You should watch it! The Top That rap sense is the greatest thing since slice bread.

(GIF credit to International Geek Girl Pen Pals)

I'm not sure how I found out about International Geek Girl Pen Pals but I am excited. I signed up recently and on June 1st, they will send out the name of your pen pal with interest that match yours. I have so much cute stationary and I love writing letters so this is going to be fun! I can't wait. They open signs up every month on the 15th and close them on a certain date or when they hit 1000 names. I'll make a post about my pen pal soon!

(Photo Credit: Rosy's Garden)

I keep seeing these adorable Alpacasso plush online and at anime cons I never got the appeal...
until now. I was at Fanime and a few vendors had a bunch of these cuties in different colors, sizes, and outfits. I bought the white one with the tiara and pink tutu. She hangs out with me at work. The picture is from seller Rosy's Garden. (I have not bought from the store.)

(Photo Credit: Skottie Young)

I have been waiting a long time for X-men #1 to be released and it did not disappoint!! A few variant covers were made and I of course had to get Skottie Young's baby cover. I got fortunate enough to met him at ECCC and he signed my baby Deadpool issue but back to X-men!! Jubilee goes back to New York with a surprise and the action starts right away. I am so excited to see my Jubilee back in action and  the ladies of the X-men helping out. I love that Kitty and Jubilee were shown as being friends. I don't understand why folks think they hate each other. Yes, they both teamed up with Wolverine, the both held their own with him, and they both love him and each other. You need to pick up this issue!! Support it!!

Stay safe and have a great weekend!!

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