Thrifty finds!

I love to go thrifting. When I go anywhere, new city or to visit friends I love to check out local thrift shops. Antiques and Consignments shops I will check out as well but sometimes, the items are way over my price range but I do find a good deal at times.

During the last weekend of the month, Treasure Island has their flea market. It's an amazing time and I love looking through stuff and seeing what the vendors have and are selling.

I bought myself a typewriter a few trips back. It's a smith-corona and it's a baby blue color. It was the only thing I bought that trip and it was the best purchase. Anyways, I went last month with some friends. They also have food trucks so we got some food and sat the grass. After wards, I did some poking around. I didn't have much money on me but what I found was totally worth it!

 photo hemanlp_zps0560233e.jpg

One seller had 2 Master of the Universe puzzles set but she was selling them for 15 or both for 25. I couldn't justify paying that much for 2 puzzles no matter how badly I wanted them. (If they were Princess of Power ones, we may have a problem.) I was walking around thinking about them when I came across a seller with a huge LP collection. I looked through them and in the soundtrack section I found that beauty! It was 5 bucks and I picked it up quick! I was so excited to find that LP!

 photo starwarsorn_zps0e2cdc3e.jpg

While I was waiting for my food from one of the food trucks, I poked around a table that was near by and he was selling so many Hallmark Star Wars Christmas ornaments and I had a mini freak out. I walked away with these four. We already have the Emperor that I found at a Hallmark outlet store and to be able to get these guys was icing on the cake! I haven't plugged them in to see if they work but I really don't care! That and my Christmas stuff is in storage. 

While in Bakersfield, I walked passed a few antique stores and in between down time from the wedding, I stopped by into two stores. 

 photo thriftbakersfield_zps523226ad.jpg 

The first store was called 'In your wildest dreams.' They had so many amazing things. Their vintage dress were to die for and their camera collection was the bees knees! They had an amazing 110 film camera but it was 15 dollars. They had three floors of stuff ... oh boy I was in heaven. I did have limited time but I walked out with the Bailey's mug, Ours drink mixer, and the Rainbow Brite story book with cassette. I yelled a little bit when I found it in kids section. 

I got to check out another store that I found when we took a wrong turn. All I got was the 45 of Kansas-Carry on my wayward son. It cost me 50 cents. I just can't remember the name of the shop. It was good haul. 

Stay Classy!

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