Unearthed from my closet: Avengers Assemble!

Cardigan: YesStyle (bought in store)
Shirt: Knott's Berry Farms
Belt: Taken from a dress
Skirt: Old Navy (many moons ago)
Leggings: TJ MAXX
Boots: Ross

I bought the heart cardigan a year ago at the Yes Style store at Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco. Sadly, it's pelting and some of the thread is coming undone. I need to dress up semi-professional at work but I have to add a little bit of me so I grabbed the Avengers shirt I bought last year at a gift shop in Knott's Berry Farms. The belt I took from a Kate Young x Target dress and I really love it! Mistah J made a comment about how much I like it.

The skirt I got at Old Navy but realized that it no longer works for me. It moves around and it would end up climbing up so if I got up from my desk it was super short or end up lower on my waist. It's time for me to donate it. I'm actually going through my closet and getting rid of stuff and re-discovering items!

Excuse my smile in these photos. I'm in the process of getting braces and I had to get a tooth pulled before they put the wires on. I can't seem to smile with my mouth close and I was trying to smile without showing the nasty gap where it used to be. Besides, I think it would be awesome to look back on these pictures and see how my mouth/teeth/smile will change in the next two years. Oh yea, that's how long I'm going to be having these things. 

Stay Classy!

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