Thursday, May 30, 2013

Unearthed from my closet: Gray and Black

Bottom: Uniqlo
Pins: LCS
Boots: DSW

I had forgotten about this top until I cleaned out my closet. (Ya, that's where I got my title for the outfit posts.) I love adding pins to the shirt. I use to have pins from "They Live" but I decided to add some MARVEL ones this time around. Those boots I found at DSW on major clearance! I was so happy to get them. 

Doing these posts, even if just for me is helping me take a look at my photographing skills. It's not the best but I'm hoping to improve as I go with this blog. That's why I post even the not so best ones!

Also, it forces me to dress up and see what's in my closet! HA!

I'm off to the 9-5 and have to hit Target to return some stuff that didn't work out. See ya!


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