Boxsome!! - Jurassic Park!

I placed a second order on Boxsome for a set of Jurassic Park cards! (You can read about my first purchase here.)  I love the film. I own it on DVD and saw it twice when it was re released in 3D! So when I got the e-mail from Boxsome that they were able to get Jurassic Park cards, I jumped on it!

I got 2 packs and like always, they added some great extras! I need to find a pack of pog page protectors for my collection. I actually found some X-Men pogs at a thrift store and Boxsome sends out of awesome ones! Wicket is the best out of this set!! I got some Darkwing Duck stickers that I gave to Mistah J for his sticker album. They also sent me a pack of Nintendo stickers!!

The first pack of cards that I opened. I got a lot of Dinosaur cards! I love Dinosaurs so I was really happy with this set. Someone of these will be going into my Project Life album, some I will send out to pen pals, and I'm making a duct tape messenger bag that will have slots on the flap for cards. It's a tut I found from JetPackCrafts on youtube.

The second pack. I love the card from where the group is huddled, watching the egg hatch and of course, T-Rex by the tour car!

The Nintendo sticker pack!! The top sticker was actually stuck to the wrapper and I had to carefully try to pry it off without ripping it. They were a little tough to photograph without getting a glare on the stickers. I'm going to put the Mario one on my tablet case and the rest may go to pen pals or on my poster/print holder that I picked up at an art store and I use at cons. 

I got an e-mail earlier in the week that Boxsome got Superman and Supergirl movie cards!! SUPERGIRL! I don't care what anyone says, it is the greatest movie ever! I love it so much! I actually own the DVD edition that has the international release which was a bit longer than the American release. Helen Slater plays a wonderful Supergirl. I wish they made another film with her but I know it bombed in the box office and killed the project. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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