DIY: OH MY GLOB! LSP Cross Stitch!

I haven't cross stitched in a while and when I saw this pattern on Dork Stitch, I had to make it. LSP is my favorite character from Adventure Time. I love that show much! It's insane and crazy!

It was done on 18 count aida cloth and a 3" wooden hoop. I'm going to hang it on my geek wall with the rest of my other projects.

I have a perfect spot to place her and room for two more. I need to look for more Adventure Time patterns. 


  1. She looks great, and I love that hoop! I don't see the rounded edge ones as much as the weird, flat, splinter-y ones, but it looks quite nice. Thank you so much for stitching her!

    Also, have you seen the blog Buzy Bobbins? http://buzybobbins.blogspot.com/ She has some awesome Adventure Time patterns, including a giant Beemo that I really want to stitch, but I can't find her follow button!

    1. Thanks for the visit. I love your patterns! Thank you for the link. I will find m ore Adventure Time to stitch!

  2. She's amazing! Your blog is super adorable too <3

    xo Jen


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