Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Squinkie Earrings!! Wolverine and Sabertooth!!

Hey there! How was your weekend? Mine was busy with creating things and having an The X-Files marathon! I miss Mulder and Scully but IDW is collaborating with Christ Carter on a new X-Files comic and it's going to continue where the movies and tv show left off. Exciting!!

Have you heard of Squinkies? I discovered them last year when I saw The Avengers set all over my local Walgreens. I wanted to get them but I didn't know what to do with them. A few day ago, I saw a Wolverine and Sabertooth set at Target for 2 bucks. I got them with no real reason but after some brain storming I figured I could turn them into earrings.

And it worked!

I present to you my newest geeky earrings! It took a bit of trail and error to figure out how to get the eye hook into them. I actually had to heat up a pin and pushed it through the top to melt a hole in them. I used matte crystals in blue, yellow, and brown as well! I think the matte works well with these guys than shiny crystals would. I have a pair of dice earrings that hang like this so I used that design.

I had a hard time taking the photo but the post is heart shaped. I had to!

The only problem I have is they don't always hang facing forwards. I think it may have to do with the way I wrapped the wire around them. 

I'm addicted to these little guys and I'm going to buy more. I've been trying to track down The Avengers set but I guess it's no longer being made and when I do find it, it's going for a lot.

Oh well! 


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