Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fanime 2013!

Over Memorial day weekend, Fanime was held in San Jose, CA. It's a four day convention but I was only able to go on Monday with a bunch of my friends. I cosplayed as Nami from One Piece which I had blogged about earlier in the week.

We paid 30 bucks to get in on Monday and truthfully, it was not worth the price. Artist Alley and Dealer's Room closed at 3pm, they ran out of program guides so we had no clue what else was going on and a lot of the rooms we did find had already shut down for the day. We ended up leaving at 4pm. All the other times we have gone, have been fun times but I would say don't go on the last day. It's not worth it.

Also, not that many cosplayers were out so I didn't get much photos but there were some awesome costumes out there! I'm also behind on my anime knowledge because there were a few that I did not know.

I'm glad they moved the artist alley into a bigger area. There were more artists and room. I was not bumping into people or knocking things over. It was so roomy but of course, it took us 2.5 hours to get through and check out all the tables. By the time we left and hit the dealer's room we only had about an hour to check the place out. We got there at 10am too. It's when the con opened.

Here's an instagram photo of the two things I bought at Fanime. The Batman/Haunted Mansion mash up from Abraham Lopez and an Alpacasso.

Enjoy the photos behind the cut!

Artist Alley

Some really neat things being sold in the dealer's room.


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