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Happy Friday!!!

(Photo Credit: Taken from Zombies 4 Breakfast)

I am a huge The X-Files fan. It's the show that really got me into TV fandoms and all the comes with it. I ran across this post from Zombies 4 Breakfast and I started cracking up silently at work because it is so true! There were rare times when Scully saved Mulder but this was pretty much each episode. Don't get me wrong, I still adore this show, I own most of the DVD box sets, and I watch it a lot on Netflix. I miss them and I am so sad about the second film. I pretend it doesn't exists. I need a new one to be made to wipe it out.

(Video Credit: IGN)

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Sony announced Kingdom Hearts 3 for the PS4 during E3!!!

I am not sure how I found this Chandler dances on things tumblr but it's the greatest thing ever.... this week! LMAO!! I've been randomly going to the site during my work day just to see the gifs and they make my day so much better. I rarely watch FRIENDS but when I did, Chandler and Joey were my favorite characters. 

Speaking of Chandler, I discovered a new show with Matthew Perry called Go On. I subscribe to HULU plus and was looking for something to watch and this pop up! I love it! The writing is amazing, I am always laughing and the cast of characters are so weird! It's about a sports radio hosts who suffers a tragedy and his job makes him go to group to grieve. They all work so well with each other and you can't help but root for them. Sadly I found out that NBC cancelled the show. Of course they did. 

(Photo Credit: Hot Topic)

I love Adventure Time. I don't know what it is about that cartoon but I live for it!! LSP and Bemo are my characters!! Hot Topic made a ton of leggings and I own 3 of them! Marvel, Alice in Wonderland, and Sanrio. I just noticed these Adventure Time leggings and I think I need them. I use leggings more than tights. I rip my tights so I can never have cute ones. I just can't pay the money for them knowing that I will tear them apart. I can't destroy leggings so I invest in those. Ugh, why is there never enough money?

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Love the Adventure Time tights!
    And thanks for the link-back! :-)

    ~Kait (zombies4breakfast.com)

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for visiting my little blog!

  2. kingdom hearts 3 oh wow!!!!! Im not a console gamer but damnssssss , cant wait to see what Disney characters are featured not to mention the beautiful collectibles from their play-arts line that will proberly be created


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