Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Favorite Things!

Today's edition is full of youtube videos!

How did I miss this game! The trailer shows much awesome 80's cheese which is where the game takes place. I downloaded the demo and will try it out this weekend.

Attack of the Show (RIP) talked about this film and how terribly awesomely bad it is so I needed to watch it. I didn't catch it in theaters but Netflix is now streaming it!! YES!! The music is something else!

I didn't see the first film in theaters but when I caught it on DVD, those minions hooked me in! I can't wait for the sequel and this tv spot is the best yet!!

I saw the trailer for The Fall on youtube and I couldn't wait to catch it! I love Gillian Anderson! I saw that it is now streaming on Netflix! Yay!!

OMG A LEGO FILM?!?!?! Someone sent me the trailer and I did not know about this. I love watching the Star Wars and Lego films but an entire film based on all the different figures is just awesome!


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