Five Favorite Things!!

I missed another day of blogging yesterday so that makes 2 days but I'm about to hit my first month and I don't think I did too shabby! In my defense, I went out to watch Now you See Me. It was such a fun film and I recommend it!

But enough about missing day, it is Friday and that means another Top Five Things!

(Photo Credit: yodelmachine.tumblr.com)

Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja has sucked me in and spit me out, all in a wonderful way! I picked up this series when it was released in August only because I got into Hawkeye from the film. It is the story about what "Clint Barton does when he is not an Avenger." (Fraction's words) He gets into trouble a lot. Kate Bishop and Pizza Dog are there to bail him out. Issue 11 is Pizza Dog/Lucky's point of view and even with minimal words, it still made me laugh and cry. If you are not reading Hawkeye, you are missing out. Matt Fraction is an amazing writer who brings out so much depth for both Clint and Kate. You add in David Aja's art, the color pallet's he picks for each arc, you got one hell of a series. I read comics but I usually sit on them for days but with Hawkeye (And now Young Avengers & X-men) I have to read it while riding the bus home from my LCS. The first trade is out and you need to buy it!

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This dress!! I've been pining away for this dress and it went on sale finally so I picked it up with a pair of Batman leggings. I'm not going to lie, this dress looks like it will be so far out of my comfort zone but hey, won't know until it gets here.

(Photo Credit: Le Sport Sac Le Blog)

Mistah J picked me up the large Fancy That Disney x Le Sport Sac bag. The bags from the collection are so cute but like all Le Sport Sac collabs, are so expensive. I have of the Tokidoki collection too! I love the keychain that comes with the bag! She is so adorable and the best part? The Corgi's on the print.

I love all of Pixar's short films but I think The Blue Umbrella beats them all. You get to see this lovely during Monster U. It is beautiful and looks like they actually filmed it in real life, not CG.



  1. When I first saw the blue umbrella I cried. it is soo amazing. And I LOVE Hawkeye and that cat dress has been on my want list for ages.

    1. The Blue Umbrella is just beautiful! Pixar really did an amazing job! I get all giddy when I hear other people say they love Hawkeye! I want this series to go on forever! Haha!


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