International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club!

On one of my Top Five Favorites, I talked about IGGPPC. You sign up during their rounds to be matched with another geek girl, you send out a letter, package, postcard, The Doctor, whatever you two decide.

I got paired up in the last round, which reminds me, Round 5 is open for sign ups!! If you want to get a letter that is not a bill, go go go!!

I got my package from my penpal a couple of days ago and I am ecstatic with what she sent me! She really out did herself. I have pictures to share!!

Warning! These photos have been taken from instagram or my iphone. I have misplaced my SD card. =(

Here's my package to my penpal, all ready to go. I reused a box from something that was shipped to me and covered up the old label with purple duct tape. I love purple! I love duct tape!

I borrowed the photo from my penpal's instagram. This is what I sent her. I made her a Deadpool logo out of perler beads, decorated the box I sent everything in with pages from Deadpool, a cute mini notepad, a post card of San Francisco, and of course the letter.

Here's my goodies from her all wrapped up after I tore the box open. I love the wrapping paper!!

DEADPOOL LEGO SET!! Yes, it comes with Wolverine and Magneto but FREAKING DEADPOOL!!
She also sent me a beautiful Alice in Wonderland necklace and it had ones of my favorite quotes ever! A Sandman and a funny postcard were included along with geeky buttons, her letter, and some IGGPPC postcards for me to hand out.

Thank you so much SeeMichelleRun!! I love everything!!


  1. Oh so sweet! I want a PEN PAL too... :)

    1. Check out IGGPPC and sign up! Everyone so far has been very welcoming to the site! They even have swaps too!


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