Le Bunny Bleu shoes!

Oops! I didn't have a post for Sunday. I was doing so well with my posting everyday! Oh well!

On that note, I got new shoes!!! I discovered Le Bunny Bleu from various people on Instagram and have been wanting to buy a pair but they haven't been in budget yet. I posted about Ideeli having a sale on Le Bunny Bleu and they arrived!!

Look at that box! Ain't it cute? Sadly, the company that had the sale just put the box in a bag and it arrived all beat up but the shoes were fine! 

I present my new shoes!! I get every excited about shoes. Shoes and purses are my vice. I will spend money on them, more so than clothes. I wore them around the house and they were so comfortable. I just love the style! I can't wait to be able to get another style from Le Bunny Bleu

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