Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love Joy's Tea Room!

On Sunday Mistah J, our friends and I went to our favorite tea place, Love Joy's Tea Room! We are tea geeks and I'm not sure how that happened. We will set around and talk about it, always on the look out for new teas to try, we all have a nice selection of teas and tea pots/cups.

We hadn't been since my AA graduation back in November and we finally all had the time to get together, have some tea, and talk!

I love their set up! You can be seated at a table or the couch! We of course got the couch. They have such a large selection of tea. We always order different ones and share. They offer bottomless pot of tea!

And I am even more excited because they offer gluten free sandwiches!! I was sad when I was told I was having gluten problems because I love their tea sandwiches, heck I just love bread so hearing they now have gluten free options, that made me happy!

If you are ever in SF and love tea, I highly suggest you head to Love Joy's.


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