My thoughts on E3 - Nintendo Edition!

Oh Nintendo, I was such a fangirl. I own all of your systems and handhelds. Expect for virtual boy. We never got Virtual Boy and I cannot seem to find a nice, inexpensive one to have. Everytime you released a new system, I was there. I left work on an early break once to run to my local Gamestop to pick up the last Wii system they had in stock.

I Wii!

So what happened?

I thought the Wii U was a neat concept but not enough for me to try and track it down. The screen controller was pretty cool but not enough for me to drop the amount you were asking. The games that came out during the launch were meh, at best.

You know, let me fix my above statement about owning all the handhelds, I don’t own the 3DS either. I tried it once and maybe I’m just getting old but the 3D hurt my eyes. If I couldn’t play 3D, then my Navy DS LTE was perfect for me. It played GBA games too!

But as all good things (Wii and DS), it must come to an end. Mario Kart 7 did not make it to the DS. Animal Crossings: New Leaf did not make an appearance on the DS or will make an appearance on the Wii.

So Nintendo, what do you have to offer me during your E3 announcement?

A lot it seems and I am actually excited!!

It looked like a lot of classics are coming back to the Wii U and that works for me. I still play the classics and my NES gets a lot of action. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze had me squeeing. I love the original game and I can’t wait to get a chance to play it.

New Pokemon games are coming! To tell you the truth, I’m a red and blue kind of girl. I never went out to get all the other games that came after but the fact you can tickle Pikachu’s nose has gotten my attention. It’s the little things.

MARIO KART 8!! Do I need to write more?

And of course, the biggest announcement that had me clapping my hands and saying “take my money for a 3DS!”


Villager, Wii Fitness Trainer and Mega Man have been added to the rooster and the trailers were great!! I love Smash Bros and I cannot wait to have this game in my hands.

I’ve been seeing photos of Super Mario World 3D and Princess Peach look adorable in the cat suit. I need to find more stills!

Now to decide if I want to track down the AC: New Leaf edition 3DS or buy the midnight purple. I feel that the large DS is too big for me.

Wii U, you are getting there. You are seriously making me want to buy you but I’m going to wait a bit more.


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