My thoughts on E3 - Sony Edition!

Oh Sony! You and your trolling on a certain system was just the highlight of my day.

So PS4 hardware was shown and it looks bulky. I’m hoping later on down the road there may be a slim. (They did it for both the 2 and 3!) If not, I’ll just invest in another gaming pad. I have slim fingers but I think my boyfriend will love the gaming pad.

I love that they announced they will support used games. My wallet already thanks you along with your price point of $399!! It’s a whole hundred dollars less than the XBOX ONE.

Though charging to play online is kinda of a bummer but since I rarely do play online, I feel sorry for those that constantly do. That’s why I enjoyed the PS3. If I felt this sudden need to join in or was asked too, I didn’t have to pay. Oh well.

Streaming redbox and flixster! I didn’t know redbox streamed! I would go to Walgreens to get a DVD but hey! More ways for me to potato the couch!


I think I will be for sure getting the PS4 but not during release. If I have learned anything from the console wars, don’t ever buy first gen. You get problems. The 400 dollar price point is better but still a bit for me. I will wait a couple of gen releases and maybe a price drop.

Besides, I just bought the PS3 and I have plenty of games to play! I don’t mind game spoilers.

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