The Holy Grail of THRIFT SCORES!!

Can you tell I am excited? Well, I am excited!! I am giddy!! I am dancing!!! Why? Because of the item I scored!! I only have two things to show due to not being able to thrift much this week but it was so worth it!!

I found the Donald Duck vinyl at a used shop. I have this thing where I just cannot leave anything Disney record behind. I just can't much to Mistah J's dismay. I own a lot of the story books, the soundtracks, and random ones like Disco Mouse and Mousercise. Oh yea, they are all amazing! I have yet to play it.

Are you ready for the holy grail of my thrifting career? 

Let us not speak of what I did to get her but I got it!! She comes complete with the "dress" and "cape." 

I need to clean her up a bit but for something that is about 20+ years old, it's in great condition. The mask will be going up on the wall with the rest of them. I'm going to move Jem and have She-ra hang out next to Hordak. I'm going to search for a He-man character next. I actually found a Orko costume on ebay but the price went way to high for what I'm willing to pay for these costumes.

The "dress" is in great condition too. I mean, there is a bit of staining in the bottom back left corner which I'm hoping a bit of cleaning will get out. A lot of these masks have come with their outfit except for Hordak and Catwoman. I have them in a box in storage, trying to figure out what to do with them. I don't want to sell them on their own. I don't think they will, I mean it's all about the masks and not the outfits. I'm thinking of framing them inside record/t-shirts frames. I just don't have the room for that right now. 

Thanks for looking!!

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  1. OMG - That costume is AMAZING, haha. Great find, too cool. I'm jealous.

    1. Thanks!! I am so stoked to have her. I wore this costume two years in a row. My mother had to force me into another costume!

  2. WOW! What a fantastic find. And in such a great condition too.


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