Treasure Island Flea Market Scores!

Oi! I forgot to post my spoils of war from my TI flea market trip last month!

Sex Pistols and Michael Jackson LPs, Jessica Rabbit and Gummi Bear PVCs, Dick Tracy thermos, Spring Blossom fridge dish, and a camera!

I was very excited to find that Spring Blossom pyrex dish! I have never found one in that good condition and with the lid at a price I want to pay!

The camera stopped working when the guy was showing me how to use it. He give me a great deal and I don't mind if the shutter gets stuck. It's just going to hang out on a shelf. 

The Disney PVC's were found from my favorite bin of toys seller! I love that the frying pan Jessica Rabbit is holding has an imprint of Roger! (I have a close up behind the cut!)

I have a love for anything Dick Tracy and I jumped on that thermos. It looks like I'm starting a collection of them. I also have a Transformers and The Lion King. 

When I mentioned to Mistah J that I found the records he told me to pick them up because we did not have them! I am so terrible at remember what we own.

I have more photos of the items individually! Check it out!

Linked at Sir Thift A lot! Check out his blog! He finds some awesome things!


  1. Oh, the camera and the Sex Pistols are great finds!!

  2. Dick Tracey, Jessica Rabbit, and MJ?! I squee! I'm not sure if this is the first time I encountered your blog but I love it, I'm obsessed with thrifting, bunnies, and all-things-kawaii, too :D

    1. Thanks for the visit!! I was so excited to find all these items. I love reading your blog!


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