Treasure Island Flea Market

Every last weekend of the month, Treasure Island has their flea market. We have started going to it since Sept. 2012 and it's always a fun time - sun, food, hidden treasures. Sometimes a bunch of us go or sometimes I'll just go. For May, it was during Memorial Day weekend and everyone had plans so I went on my own!

I already have a collection of these Looney Tunes glasses and I was really excited to see Henry Hawk. It was first purchase of the day.

There were a lot of toy vendors this month. I scored some neat PVC figures from the bin vendor. He had so many bins it was awesome going through it all. I really wanted those Master of the Universe puzzles but the lady was asking $30 dollars for them and I can't justify that for puzzles.

Those mushrooms! I remember those from when I was younger. I actually have a few and I could always use more but I didn't get these. That Mickey Mouse record player was a neat find and I would of bought it but I already have a Care Bears one and I think Mistah J wouldn't of approve a third record player.

And one of the best things about the flea market, besides the treasures, THE FOOD TRUCKS! There is always a selection. I got a Paneer rice bowl from Curry Up Now. It was delish but spicy!

It was a fun weekend and I can't wait until next month to see what these vendors have. Sometimes I walk away with nothing but I just love seeing everything that is being sold.

The view of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco from Treasure Island.

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