Abandoned Amusement Parks: Six Flags New Orleans.

I was watching a movie on Netflix that took place in New Orleans last night. Towards the end of the film, they were in a theme park which I recognized from photos floating around tumblr. I googled and found out it was Six Flags New Orleans but it has since been abandoned due to Katrina.

I did more looking on the internet and saw photos of the theme park when it was opened, full of laughter and than what was left after the destruction.

This is a photo of Six Flags two weeks after Katrina hit.

(Photo Credit: Will Crusta. Both photos)

(Photo Credit: Chris Dame)

(Photo Credit: Richard Thompson III)

These were some of my favorites of the photos I found, especially the last one. I'm tempted to e-mail and ask if I can get a print of it to hang in my home. If you click on the links, you should check out the rest of the photos. Richard Thompson has a whole collection of photos from abandoned places in New Orleans.

Here's a video from a group of guys who went this year. 

Again, I'm not sure where this fascination of abandoned amusement parks came from but I loved going through page after page, photo after photo of what I found online. I just think these places, even though it is sad that they have been left behind, are so hauntingly beautiful. That's my opinion and I am sticking with it. It would be nice if it got rebuild again. I did read that two of the rides, a Batman and Road Runner were salvaged and transferred to other Six Flags.

I would love to visit one day but I know it can be dangerous and also, if caught I will go to jail. You are trespassing on private property but I think it  would be an awesome experience if given the chance. 

There are other theme parks I found out that have been left behind and I may blog about those as well.

I may be in the minority but I just think it's so beautiful. Sad but beautiful. It's hard to explain.


  1. My husband is obsessed with one called called Wonderland that never finished in China. You should look up the photos. They are creepy as all hell.

    1. Oooo!! Thanks for the tip! I shall check it out!!


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