Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

I caved about a week ago and bought a Nintendo 3DS so I can get Animal Crossing: New leaf. I love this game and I have been playing it since it was first released on the Gamecube. It's so much fun and addicting! It gets better with each new release!

This time, you are the Mayor of your town and you control things even more!! You can also decorate your house any way you want! I have a fairy tale/mermaid theme going right now!

I've been taking screen caps of my game and I need to share! Enjoy and comment if you want to exchange friends code! I love visiting other towns and seeing all the creative things!!


  1. I own an old school ds and I want to play animal crossing so much. everyone is talking about how rad it is. I just can't afford a 3ds. :(

    1. In all reality, I shouldn't of bought it because I need to save for my trip but I broke. Now, my bill is here and my bank account is crying.


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