Countdown to SDCC!! Marvel's newest one-shot AGENT CARTER!

Since I won't be attending Comic Con, (insert crying here) I decided to have a countdown leading up to San Diego Comic Con on Thursday! I should of started on the 11th to make it a full week but eh, who's really going to notice!

My countdown will be about the panels/events/shopping/things that I would of down if I was there.

Let's me start off with the announcement of Marvel's newest one-shot!!

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(Photo Credit: EW.COM)


According to EW, Marvel is releasing the short film with the Iron Man 3 DVD/Blu Ray when it is released on Sept. 24. If you are attending SDCC, you get a chance to see it first. If I was going, this would be one of the things I would want to see! When they premiered Item 47, you had to do a scavenger hunt all around Gaslamp Quarter so I wonder what they will be coming up for this film.

I love the character in the film and Hayley Atwell did such an amazing job. I don't know much about Agent Carter in the comics but she was great in the film & I love that they made her so kick ass! I was kinda sad that in the end of Captain America, he woke up in the present because that, to me meant the end of Agent Carter. I understand though they did it for The Avengers but I am glad she is back!

I will be sitting here, waiting for the release of Iron Man 3 to be able to see it but I hope if you are going to SDCC, you get a chance to catch it but no spoilers!!

What do you think of Agent Carter?

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