Countdown to SDCC!! Matty Collector!!

I am a toy/action figure collector. Every single shelf in my house is filled to the brim with toys. When you attend SDCC, you are bombarded with a huge selection of them. Compaines will offer exclusives, either toy or packaging during all 4 day/until sell out.

I am a sucker for this and I have been known to wait in a line, to get into a line, to get into a line to get a ticket, to get in line to buy stuff.

Matty Collectors is known for their awesome Masters of the Universe and DC line. They also sold Ghostbusters and Voltron figures! I am actually a subber for their MotU toys. Oh yes, I went that far. Luckily for me, they do sell the figures they offer at SDCC online about a month later to give a chance to those poor unfortunate souls that couldn't go.

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(Photo Credit: mattycollector.com)

They are offering Classic Rokkon & Stonedar 2pk! I need these guys for my collection. They transform and everything too! This set is amazing. I am such a huge He-man and She-ra nerd so I have been collecting this line to go along with the toys from my childhood and I am never disappointed. I am so glad they are offering these for sale after the con.

They also have other items which you can see here. The Catwoman Barbie from the classic Batman TV series is the Bees Knees! I'm also a fan of Monster High and I have both Ghoulia and Sarah Screams (I missed out on Grey Scale Frankie) but I'm not feeling this year release, Webarella. It could be because I am terrified of spiders so I don't think she's cute at all. That just means more money in my pocket and less fighting on the internet for toys.

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  1. Such a cool pack. I wish I had money to buy them. :(


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