Countdown to SDCC!! POSTERS!!

One thing you can count on at SDCC is the amount of poster companies give out. One of the tips I tell people is bring a poster tube. You will need it to bring it all back home in one piece. We actual have over 5 poster tubes in our home from all the various cons we have been through the years. Not only do they came in handy at the con but you will have a storage spot for them when you get home.

One of the posters that I would be looking to grab if I was going is The Walking Dead season 4 poster created by comic book cover artist Alex Ross!

(Photo Credit: WalkingDead_AMC)

This poster is just awesome. I love Alex Ross's covers and have always wanted to own something of his but I never buy anything. I would be in line for however long to get this poster. It's Alex Ross and zombies!! You can't go wrong with that combination. At least not to me but alas I won't be there.

AMC The Walking Dead twitter account is holding a contest to win the poster. Cross your fingers for me! I would love to win one of them!!

Tomorrow is preview night!!

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