Countdown to SDCC!! Things outside of the con!

Every year, more and more folks are offering things for people to see and do outside of the con. My plan was to go down this year and check it out but I wasn't able to get the days off anyways. So what are some of things going on?

(Photo Credit: We Love Fine)

We Love fine is not only having a booth inside but is having a pop up store in the Gaslamp district. They are also selling a a con exclusive Star Trek shirt. Someone get me one please!!

(Photo Credit: Geek and Sundry)

I am a huge fan of Geek and Sundry. I sub to both channels (G&S and Geek and Sundry Vlogs) and they are setting up outside of the con! They will be having table top gaming, meet and greets with the gang, video games, and much more. Check them out a block from the con center!

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Pirate Ship, Nintendo Gaming Lounge, Video Games Live Concert, Nerd HQ, The Walking Dead Zombie Maze/Run, Legendary Pictures GODZILLA Encounter,  Gam3rCon are other events going on during Comic Con. Again, even though I didn't get a ticket this year, I would of gone and seen everything outside. It's something I don't do when I do get to go. I missed out on the Eureka Cafe because I didn't venture outside!!

Here's the end to my SDCC countdown BECAUSE IT OFFICIALLY STARTS TODAY! Have a blast if you are there and bring me something back. If you are not there and are sad, I'm right there with you!

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