Countdown to SDCC!! The X-Files!!

The X-Files was the first show I got really into. It was the show that every Friday night at 8pm, I was glued to my TV. No, I would not record it to watch it the next day. No, I would not record it so you could watch Nash Bridges.

(Yes, that was an actual fight in my house.)

I shipped before I knew what shipping was. I geeked out over a fandom before I even knew what geeing out or fandom was. There was no internet for me back than, I actually had to go to book stores to buy magazines and what not to read up on my show.

Topps made the comic series and I bought them each month at a comic shop that was about 7 blocks from my middle school. I wouldn't eat for a week!

The X-Files, Mulder, Scully, SDCC, San Diego Comic Con 
(Photo Credit: SDCC Blog)


TV Guide is putting together this panel for the 20th Anniversary of The X-Files. They had announced Christ Carter, Glen Morgan, Jim Wong, and other writers and producers. They didn't mention anything about David Duchovny or Gillian Anderson attending but I wouldn't of care. I saw them at the X-Files: I want to Believe panel at Wonder Con so if they couldn't attend, I was okay with that. IT'S THE X-FILES!! I am bummed that I was going to miss what was going to be an amazing panel. 

Of course, then word got out that both actors will be there!!


I'm hoping someone tapes and puts this panel online! (YES TVGUIDE, I'M LOOKING AT YOU!!) 

If you attend, please tell me about it!!! 

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