Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crown and Crumpet!

Mistah J and I are tea nerds. We love it!! We are always discovering new teas and new places to visit. I was able to get a coupon to have Tea for Two at Crown and Crumpet which is located in the Lobby of New People!

They use to be located at Ghirardelli Square but closed down and are temporary at New People. When I saw they are in the lobby, I mean it. You have tea while people are entering and leaving the building. I read reviews that people were saying it was distracting but it wasn't for us.

This little guy was hanging out to the side while his parents were having tea!

The clock on the wall! How rad is that?? I want my own!

Such a cute table set up! I love the cut out!

L got to go with us and she had hot chocolate. Mistah J and I had their Paris blend - "Blended by a Francophile, this rich tea is infused with tidbits of bergamot and vanilla, reminiscent of one of the most popular blends found in Paris. Unique and chic!" It was very delish! The best part was they offered Gluten Free items so I was able to have sandwiches, macaroons, scones, and a cookie!! I was so excited!!

If you are in San Francisco, I highly suggest you check them out. The whole being in the lobby of the New People building can be off putting but we didn't mind at all!

I leave you with this:


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