I love sending mail, like you haven't noticed. Postcards are my vice! They have pretty art work and are so easy to send off!

Sometimes though, I'll see a photo online and I'm always like, "Ugh, if only that was a postcard!" Sometimes I'll have extra comic issues lying around and I want to cut it up to send off.

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While on the forums at Geek Girl Pen Pal, I came across someone talking about Posticks! It's a postcard back sticker. I have mailed out photos and I just write the info on the back but sometimes they come back because they are larger than a normal postcard size and I need more postage. Sometimes they don't make it to their final spot.

I order a pack of 50. They do come in small amounts but I went for the big guns! I printed out a panel from Black Widow: The Name of the Rose and a Doctor Who photo. I stuck the backing and off they went. I did print them out on thicker paper weight to make them more sturdy.

They worked out as far I know so I sent off another one and I got pictures! When I got the posticks, I got the "make today" card with my order and thought it would make a great postcard!

The backing and the card!

Getting ready to place the label! You do have to measure it out so you don't lose some of the photo trimming. 

Ta da!! All trimmed and ready to be sent!!

I highly recommend buying a pack of posticks if you love to send postcards and want to create your own. You can stick fabric, photos, artwork, magazine clippings, and other things. I haven't stuck anything more than print outs but so far so good! I want to try the fabric idea!

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  1. That is such a good idea! I might have to grab some for myself. I think a comic book would would be perfect!

    1. I printed out a panel of Natasha from The name of the rose and mailed it to my friend. She loved it!!

  2. Such a rad idea!!! I need some to turn into Nerd Burger postcards!!!!

    1. I think it shipping to the states, it was under 20. I just print out my pictures at about 4x6 and slap the back on! I rescued a bunch of Winter Soldier comics from my LCS 3 for a buch bin. I think they will be turned into postcards!


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