Stromtrooper Nail Art!

I wore my Hot Topic x Her Universe Stromtrooper dress and decided to have my nails match! I remembered that CutePolish had done a video with a design and I copied most of it!

Sinful Colors: Basecoat
Wet n Wild: White
Sinful Colors: Back to Black
Sally Hansen: Top Coat

I did a black tip manicure but painted my middle fingers white and drew the Stromtrooper face. It came out so bad! He just looks so sad! It's good practice and that's the only way I will get better at keeping a steady hand!

It was also my first time using nail strips and the black bleed through and either I didn't let the basecoat dry enough or it was really sticky because when I peeled the stripe, it took a chunk off.

Everyone loved my nails and I had fun rocking my dress at Great America!

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  1. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! It looks fantastic. I wish I had the patience and nails to do this.


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