By the Power of Greyskull! The Cornetto Trilogy!!

(Credit: AMC Theatres)

Normally on Friday's I post my top 5 things of the week but I wanted to blog about Edgar Wright's The Cornetto Trilogy!!

A few of us went yesterday to AMC as they were showing Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and then the premiere of The World's End. These three films are part of the Cornetto Trilogy and a lot of places were doing special screenings.

I am such a fan of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost so I was excited to sit in my local theater for six hours, watching these films.

The World's End did not disappoint! I won't write anything spoilery but it was such a riot. The ending speech between King and Andy was a little to emotional for me but I highly recommend the film. I'm not sure if they will continue to show all three or if it was just for opening weekend but catch it if you can!

Also, for watching the film, AMC gave us a shirt and a awesome "badge" so you could go in and out during film breaks.

The front of the shirt which shows the map of all 12 pubs and the route they should be taking!

The back has the name of all 12 pubs! I love this shirt! I wasn't even expecting it. I just wanted to watch the movies! Hot Fuzz though is my favorite of the three but I do love them all.

Try and catch The World's End this weekend if you can!!

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