Disneyland and Stark Industries!

I got to knock that off my Disney bucket list! Getting to hold a bunch of Mickey Balloons!!

Okay, so after we left the convention center, we got a bite to eat, went to Build a Bear to stuff my Pinkie Pie, went back to drop her off at the hotel, and finally went to Disneyland!

 I need to make sure we got to visit because I wanted to check out the Tony Stark’s Hall or Armor that is currently being displayed at Innovations in Tomorrowland.

They had the Iron Man suits Mark I-VII and his newest one, Mark 42! It was neat to see all the different armor used in the films. Are you ready for pictures? 

I doubt it was the actual suits used in the film (I didn't see a plaque or anything so I don't know!) but it was fun seeing everything up close. I'm such a MARVEL geek and I love the films. They have done such a good job making them.

They also gave you the chance to test out the Mark 42! Virtually but it was so much fun!! Jarvis played some music for you to dance to, let you use the repulsor blasts, and “fly around.”

The system even took your photo and uploaded it to the Disney Photo Pass site. It was fun! It will be around until September. I’m wondering if they plan to set something up for Thor: The Dark World. That would be amazing to see!!

After that, we ran off to enjoy the rides! Thunder Rail Road was closed for fixing up but we got on Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Matterhorn, Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear, saw the fireworks, got some dole whip and I wanted to see if they had some back to school stuff but they didn’t. They now have Ewok backpacks but damn, at 65 bucks I couldn’t do it. I don’t remember paying that much for my Yoda one.

On Sunday morning, L went home to her mother’s and Mistah J and I took the megabus back to San Francisco. Plane tickets get so expensive to So Cal during the summer so we take the bus/train. That’s why we only got a day at the Expo/Park but it was worth it.

We will be back in October for Mickey’s not so scary Halloween! I’m hoping to dress up as Kate Bishop from cover #9!!

We got dropped off at the train station and L's puppies came along. Have a picture of me with Penny Lane! I love animals so much but we can't have any with fur because Mistah J is so deadly allergic to them. I am so sad!

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  1. The Iron man suits look so rad. You are so lucky you got to see them.


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