Disney's D23 Expo 2013!!

On Saturday we got to attend Disney’s D23 Expo!! Oh my, we were not prepared for this con!! Disney puts it together every other year starting with 2009. I wanted to go in 2011 but for one reason or another, it didn’t happen. This year, the same thing was happening but in the end we pulled it off!!

We got there at 9am so Mistah J could get our tickets. After that we went to the general admission line to wait. The three of us sat there and played crazy eights and go fish. I looked over and saw someone in front of me with an Agent P bracelet. I got curious and asked about it.

“Shoot waffles out of a canon and you get it with a poster.”
I shot up, leaving Mistah J and L behind to find this waffle shooting canon. The premise is you help out Phineas and Ferb who are trying to rescue Agent P from Dr. Doofenshmirtz by shooting waffles at him.

It was so much fun and in the end you got the bracelet and your choice of either a HULK Smash, Avengers Assemble, or Ultimate Spider-man poster. I went with Avengers Assemble.

By the time I got back to them, it was 10AM and the line started to move. I was very excited!! We got in, they gave us a reusable tote bag, lanyard/badge holder, and we were on our way! The first thing we ran into was the Disney Dream Store. I collect Vinylmations and they had released a ton of them at the Expo! While I was in there shopping, Mistah J and L ran off to a PLANES set up they had.

After I bought my vinyls and swooned over everything in the store, we headed off to explore. We came across the silent auction area and OMG ALL THE THINGS THEY HAD!! They were auctioning off a set of 2 cars from the Matterhorn. THE ORIGINAL ONES!! I miss them and was kinda upset when they redid the cars. They had the taxi from the Monster Inc’s ride, a part of Mickey’s house from Toon Town, a huge display of Alice when she grew large inside of Rabbit’s house, (if I had the money and room, which would have been mine!) banners with amazing art from their gallery, and more.

We wondered around the hall and found some many sellers! Gah! I was spazzing out with the vintage items! There were a lot of pin sellers. Vendors had them by the tub or binder full. I love pin collecting but after awhile, I just breezed by them.
We found a few vinylmation sellers and Mistah J finally found the 9” Roger Rabbit! He’s such a huge ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit’ fan. I came across an animation cell vendor and found a bin full of cells from the X-men animated series. I got a Jubilee one!! I’m such a huge fan of Jubilee and it’s so hard to find anything with her!

Now this is the part where I didn’t take pictures of these vendors. I love vintage Disney and I got sucked in! I wanted a Aristocats record player, Roger Rabbit View Master, Song of the South records, all of the Disney story book 45” records, POSTCARDS but alas, wallet said no as well my mind. As much as I truly love everything, spending 20 on a pack of 1960’s postcards is a bit much especially if I want to use them. Granted, I know I can send them to folks who would truly appreciate them but the brain still said no.

After we were done checking out the local vendors, we head over to the other side of the hall where Disney and their sponsors had their booths set up. We were not prepared for the crowds or the wait time that was happening. We headed to the Disney store that was set up because that location had 2 more vinyl sets I wanted to get, B&W Mickey Mouse and an Ursula 3pk which included Vanessa but we were told the wait to get into the store was about 3 hours. Well, boo on that! I was not going to subject L to that madness. So off we went to check out other things out.

We were faced with lines after lines after lines.

Want to go into Journey into Imagineering? Please wait 3 hours in line. Oh, you want to play Duck Tales? The line wraps over there, behind that display to there. Once Upon a Time pirate ship? The line wraps there and you’ll be in, in about 2 hours. I now understood what folks meant when they called the Expo, Line Con. I couldn't subject L to hours of waiting in line so we just walked around the floor ooohing and awing at items.

I did get to play Castle of Illusions on the 360! I can’t wait for that game to be released as well!! We also got photos in a kart racer in the Disney Infinity set up. I’m really interested in that game!

After looking at everything and hearing that there were hours of line waiting, we decided it was time go visit Disneyland.

Outside, someone drawing minions for you! I asked for a Hawkeye Minion! Mistah J and L went to try out the Waffle Canon mission and I took photos of them as well! L walked away with the Hulk SMASH poster and Avengers Assemble.

(By MinionMoi on instagram!)

For our first Expo, it was fun and a learning experience. You can not see everything in one day! You end up spending half your con day in just one line. Also, I don’t think it was a good idea to bring L to this. This isn’t her first con, (SDCC 08 was her first!) but she’s a kid and waiting in line for hours is not something she can handle yet. Other cons had so many things for her to touch and do but here it was waiting in line to touch and do things. The Muppets section did have a spot to color so she got her fill in for that.

They announced D23 for 2015 so I’m hoping we can get three day tickets and L will be more willing to wait in line.

Here's the lovely haul of items we got at D23 and Disneyland! The Build a Bear at Downtown Disney had one Spike left and he came home with us!

We finished our day at Disneyland and I finally got to check out the Wall of Armor from Stark Industries. I’ll post those photos tomorrow!

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  1. You are so lucky. What a fantastic event. I'm glad you got some of the toys you wanted. I love the Jubilee cell you got. I hope I get to visit D3 one year.


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