DIY: Rings and Pendents! MARVEL Style!!

I love wearing jewelry! I am a comic fangirl! Finding geek jewelry was always a chore and took a lot of effort to track down. It has become easier now a days to find items in the stores. There is also etsy!

The only tiny issue I have is the lack of characters that jewelry is made for. Marvel x 1928 has a great collection but it's always the top guys at MARVEL. I'm talking about Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Spider-man. I love them just like the next girl but where is everyone else?

Jubilee? Winter Solider? Hawkeye? Black Widow? Mockingbird? Loki?

Don't get me started on DC... I hardly find anything from them that isn't Batman or Superman. I want my Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy!

I have a friend who loves making jewelry and one day she had a crafting day. I went along with simple supplies and I got hooked. I also realized that I can make my own geeky jewelry of characters that I love.

I spent one night making rings and pendents while watching Clueless!

I got the ring bases off of ebay and the round epoxy stickers from etsy. I cut up some comics/print outs the size of the base, glued it in with tacky glue, and then placed the epoxy over it so it will protect the picture.

Baby Jubilee and Baby Deadpool from Skottie Young covers

She-ra & Swiftwind and Natasha & Bucky

The rings are adjustable and I love the border of the circle.

I also made pendents using 1" wooden squares that I ordered from Pick Your Plum. It's a crafty website with one day deals. I got 1" epoxy stickers on etsy to protect the picture. It's the same concept as the rings.
I had to glue on the bails onto the back. I forgot where I picked them up. Probably on etsy.

Hawkeye and Hawkeye and Lucky/Arrow. The greatest comic out of MARVEL!!

Natasha and Bucky. My favorite couple ever. I know a lot of folks had some issues about their relationship in the Brubaker run but I thought it was wonderful especially the flashback to their vacation in Paris. I just love that entire page.

Jubilee & Wolvie and Deadpool! Jubilee will forever be my favorite comic character, hands down. I love the Father/Daughter relationship between her and Wolvie. I don't care what anyone says or how MARVEL treats her, I will always root for Jubilee. The panel where the yellow boxes come back for Deadpool is the best and it needed to be a necklace.

I still haven't bought chains for them because I'm broke. I'm allergic to metal so my necklaces and earrings must be sterling silver or 14K gold. I can get away with rings for some reason. I also am thinking of different chain designs for them so they aren't plain pendents on a chain. I want to add crystals or something. 

I want to make some Jem and the Holograms items next or maybe some Labyrinth! I love me some David Bowie!! 


  1. The rings and pendants are so beautiful. LOVE IT! <3

  2. They look so rad. Can't wait to see what else you create.

    1. Thank you!! You make some amazing items, so much better than me!


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