Duct Tape Project! Clutch!

I came across a pencil clutch tutorial on youtube. (I'm pretty good at keeping links but I lost this one and I'm too lazy to search it.) It's all made out of duct tape and the zipper seal from a zip lock!

A reason to finally use my Angry Birds duct tape! I found the roll at Target and have been itching for a reason to use it. I have rolls of red tape from a cosplay project that didn't work out.

Pretty much you just slice the zipper seal, cut the tape the length you want your pouch to be and start layering the tape on top of each other. My bag was 8" long. I used a 10" zipper seal. 

I used the red inside and the Angry Birds for the outside. This is how it looked after I was done layering both sides. I even the sides and then used red trim to seal. I added on the bottom and I'm debating if I should add red to the top.

Trying to lie up the Angry Birds was a bit tough so you can tell but that's okay. I love how it came out! I'm going to use it when I start SF State at the end of the month. Ahhh! I can't believe I'm going to school.

I also ordered a couple of The Avengers duct tape rolls and I'm trying to find the Minions!! 


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