Espionage Cosmetics "NAILED IT!"

I am a nail art lover. I love painting my nails and am also in search for geeky nail ideas. Sometimes I just don't have the time to paint my nails or I just get really, really lazy.

I was searching through the IGGPPC hashtag on twitter when I came across a tweet for a kickstarter on nail art wraps.


Nail wraps that would save me time when I'm being totally lazy and geek art to boot!? Heck yes!!

Espionage Cosmetics has created a kickstarter to help fund their nail art project.

About the company: Espionage Cosmetics was founded by a professional Make-up Artist and a USMC Staff Sergeant, and is run by an all-pro, all-nerd team that is passionate about all of the geeky stuff in the ‘verse. Annnnnd, we love pretty stuff too! We are based out of Tacoma, Washington, but you can follow the glitter trail to find us at conventions and comic book stores all along the West Coast—and spreading! (Taken from the Kickstarter page.)

I saw the selection of their first round of nail wraps and I jumped, squeed, and pledge! My favorite of the first set are the Turtle nails with glitter masks and googly eyes. GOOGLY EYES!!!

Aren't they awesome! The first batch also includes Zombie nails with dripping glitter blood, comic book, circuit boards, tentacle, and nebula!

They did reach their funding goal but the more they get, the more nail wraps are "unlocked!"

Right now, this second batch got unlocked and check out the choices!!

I am totes getting the Harley Quinn and Time Lords!!

So if you are a fan of nail art and all things geek, please help fund this project! I have pledge and I''m just trying to narrow down my picks! This is tough because I want them all!

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