Five Favorite Things!

The Trask Industries ad! Have you guys seen The Wolverine yet? I can't wait for X-men: Days of Future Past! Can we get some Jubilee in the mix??

How to make a cute Minion bento box! Ochikeron makes some great cooking tut videos and they are adorable! I want to make Totoro onigiri!!

Hawkeye Annual #1 came out and I love it! It revolved around Kate Bishop & Lucky having a trip to the West Coast and the craziness that happened. I just keep loving this book!!

Orange is the New Black is such an amazing show! The writing and characters is just great. All these different women in one spot and the things that are happening. I've seen the first 10 eps and I can't wait to finish the season.


Today's TeeFury shirt is the greatest thing! I love this site but it can also suck my money!! I want to buy it I have to think about it but if you want it, you only have 24 hours to buy it!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love the Tee fury for today. So cute. And I too can't stop reading Hawkeye. Sooo good.


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