Five Favorite Things!

I’m in love with vintage postcards and I’m in love with Disney so I have been obsessing with looking at vintage Disneyland postcards. I found the above on flickr and I love seeing how Disneyland looked before I was born! I hope to come across some thrifting.

D23 Expo is the weekend. Mistah J and I are leaving tonight and hoping I can attend. Saturday tickets sold out but he gets a CM entrance but we are not sure if his family counts. If not, I’ll be hanging out at the park and he’ll be at the Expo taking photos for me and buying Vinylmations!!

And speaking of D23 and Vinylmations, here's some the ones they will be selling! I really want the Beast and Belle set. Mistah J wants the MU because of Rosie. Wish us luck that we can get them!

Mod Cloth is having a huge sale and I want these shoes so badly!! I just don't have a reason to wear them. 

Youtube is having Geek Week and Marvel released a new Thor the Dark World trailer!!! I keep getting excited for rhis film!! I can't wait for November to get here. It needs more Darcy Lewis though. 

Edit: Links have been fixed but I will have to add the credit later. I'm heading out tonight to hopefully attend D23 tomorrow. If not, spending the day at Disneyland!!)

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