Happy Birthday Bonnie! House of Air!!

My friend had her birthday party on Saturday and we all went to a bounce house! It was actually a trampoline park called House of Air.

I have never been to one and the last time I have ever gone to a bounce house was when I was little.

Totally rocking my Batman/Bane leggings!! I figured putting my hair up would be a good idea while jumping. It was... for about 10 seconds.

Boink, Boink, Boink!

The birthday girl doing the splits!

The few of us that jumped around!

It was crazy and so much fun!! It did get majorly tiring though! I am still sore! I worked out muscles I didn't know you could work out by just jumping. I want to go again!! Hahahaha...

Mistah J didn't jump. He was afraid of hurting himself so he played photographer.

After our hour jumping, we headed out to eat at SOMA Streat Eats Park. It's like a parking spot with seating areas and a lot of different food trucks!!

The birthday girl opening her presents.

Me and my second favorite tiny human! We were hanging out in the school bus. They have a school bus/patio spot!

It was so much fun and I totally say check out House of Air if you would like to bounce around! They have had a section so you could play dodge ball but I didn't go. If I had known I would of worn contacts but having a ball thrown at my face, knocking my glasses off would not be a good thing. 


  1. Oh, I love those trampoline parks. I have one near me called Skyzone. It's great and totally wore me out after just an hour.

    1. That's awesome! I have never heard of them until now! I think I was jumping for less than 10 mins and I ran out needing water. Haha.. but it was great! Thanks for commenting!!

  2. That looks like incredible fun! I want to try one of those places with the harnesses so you can do flips on the trampoline, although I'm such a spazz I'd probably get all tangled up. :(


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