Happy Mail! Presents from Nerd Burger!!

OH.MY.GOD! I went to check my PO box and I got the most amazing package from Cazz (Nerd Burger)!!

She's has the most amazing blog (no, really, she does! Check it out!) and she makes the most awesome things! She sells her items over at etsy! She's the greatest and when she asked for my address to send me something, I was not expecting what I got it. I did a little dance at the post office, the workers looked at me funny.

Monster U stickers!! I love the movie. Have you guys seen it yet?? And the bag!! I'm a sucker for cute wrapping. I own so much of it thanks to Diaso!

Do you see all the goodies she sent? So much stuff!! I love it all!!! Gah, Thanks so much!!

Ursula hair bow! OMG!!! Ursula and in purple! Two of my favorite things!! I think I need to commission a Jubilee one!!

A Yoshi egg perler bead necklace! I love this!! The star beads are adorable!!

Ice Cream earrings! I don't wear earrings but yet I have like 8 piercings but only a pair of hoops. I've been trying to wearing more earrings!!!

A lego ring!! I love items made with lego's. I have an Ashoka Lego Necklace and a Heart one. I adore the crystal that is on it!! I actually found a bag of random lego's at the thrift store. I want to make a bracelet!

Dude, a scratch and sniff sticker & Eowyn card!!

Gah, everything was so amazing!! Thank you so much Cazz for the gifts!! If you guys like the items you see here, definitely check out her etsy store. My favorite item right now is the Doll brooch.

Thanks Cazz!!


  1. Wow.. that's so awesome. :D Such cute items!!

  2. OMG OMG OMG! That's so awesome! I love her blog and stuff so much!!!

    I envy you for this beautiful parcel. <3

  3. I am so glad it made it too you. They looked at me so funny when I was covering it in stickers at the post office. It makes me so happy that you liked everything :)


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