iPhone Covers! I have a collection.

I was with T-Mobile forever. I started off with a Razor, worked my way through most all of the sidekicks and ended with a G2.

By than, the iPhones were making a splash and every single cute case out in the world was for that phone. After a few choice words with T-Mo and their crappy customer services, I left and jumped to an iphone.

It started with one case, then two, then three, and now I have an entire drawer dedicated to them as Mistah J love to remind me.

I'm going to share my favorite cases and I will try to write down where I got them. I have an iPhone 4S so please keep that in mind. I wanted to try something new with topics and I figured showing off my collections would be a neat topic!

Just your basic silicon covers. Minnie Mouse was bought on eBay, Rilakkuma was bought at a thrift shop, and Kitty was bought on ebay as well. My only issue with the cat is that it causes your phone to just shut off. The head presses down on the button.

I adore the 3D cases!! Alien was from Ebay and both Stitch and Angel were bought on Amazon. Alien's left eye would swivel out so you could use your camera but because it easily moved out, it broke in my bag. It's now glued and won't move. The ears on both Stitch and Angel pop out! 

All three were bought on ebay! I squeed so hard when I saw Chopper!! Doreman's camera swivels as well so you can use the camera. Same with part of Chopper's hat.

Harley Quinn and Wolverine from Chara-covers. Harley was bought from Fab.com & Wolverine was picked up at Wonder Con. A word of caution with Harley, even though the instructions says you can remove the head gear and snap it back on, DO NOT REMOVE IT. I did and they never stayed back on. The company was nice enough to exchange it out for me. 

Hello Kitty, Bad Batz Maru, and Daisy Duck bow were bought on ebay. They are made of silicon as well. I love the bow so much!

I needed a cassette tape cover and I got this one from ebay for a buck! The Avengers snap on was bought at Walgreens and the chocolate bar was bought on ebay. I would like to metion I hate snap on covers. I really do. They are so tough to remove and I always break a nail.

Melty Ice Cream and Game Boy both came from ebay. Hello Kitty, I want to say was from amazon. I'm actually shocked I haven't broken the bow. It's quite sturdy!

I told you I have quite the selection and I hope you saw one that you didn't have & is now shopping for it. They have all held up quite well with the exception of ALIEN eye but glue fixed that. I don't recommended getting the cat one due to the top being so heavy that it turns off your phone. I'll still use it because it's a cat and it's purple but I get annoyed with it quick.



  1. Wow, those are all so cool! I thought it would be easy to pick a favorite when I saw the Lilo and Stitch ones, but so many of them are fantastic. ^^ That's a nifty collection!

    1. Thanks!! Stitch and Angel were the first two cases I ever bought. It is hard to pick and I love that they are so inexpensive! I'm never leaving iphones!

  2. So cute! I just received a couple in the mail that I ordered from amazon. A cute panda case and 3 cassette tapes(they were in a pack) all for under $5!

    1. Don't you just love getting cases for less than 5 bucks?? I think the most I ever paid was for Harley and Wolverine.


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