JPop Summit.

J-POP Summit was last weekend and we went on Saturday. My favorite store, 6%dokidoki was at New People selling their items and I needed to see what they had for sale. They use to have an actual store back when New People opened but they closed.

Mistah J and I arrived around noon after having watched The wolverine. (Have you seen it yet? It's so good!) There was a show going on the make shift stage but it was so crowded I couldn't see.

There were street vendors selling toys, karigumi's, handmade items, and companies advertising things. My first stop was getting to the store to check out the items!

Hey there pretties! I was actually disappointed with the selection they had. I was ready to buy a lot of stuff but it was either stuff they had sold during other JPOP Summit's and I owned. I only picked up the unicorn earrings. I really wanted the daydreamer jacket but I couldn't justify spending 200 and a thin, satin jacket. 

I also got a LizLisa Doll lucky pack and a white rabbit theme wallet from Swimmer. 


I fell in love with this random painting in the store. The line to check out was terrible. I think I was in line for more than 30 mins which also caused me to miss the Fashion Show. Ah well. I was close on leaving everything behind a few times and walking out the line. I hope next year they figure out  a better system.

After that, we walked the rest of the festival, checking out the stalls and eating! The food trucks were there and the was so many choices. 

Mistah J and I having fun with a standee cut out from one the booths. It was a fun time!

On our way out, I saw SEBASTIAN MASUDA and YUKA from 6%dokidoki signing. I didn't wait in line because I've already met them. I did snap a photo.


  1. I lOVE 6% Doki doki. It is soo cool that you've met them. I have never been able to afford anything from them. Maybe one day. A girl's gotta dream.

    1. I do save a lot to be able to get items and sometimes I spend money I just don't have which is so terrible of me.

  2. Awesome!!! This bottom pic is My Art I presented it to Sebastian <3 its of his Shopgirl Vani! Sorry I photobombed your pic haha xoxo Sugar


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