Loot Crate! A monthly geek/nerd/gamer sub box!

I kept hearing/seeing about Loot Crate. It's a monthly surprised box that includes 6-8 items that the company puts together. Each month has a theme. I would see tags in Instagram for the box and it always had neat things. (I did say instagram can be a dangerous place for my wallet.)

I found someone with a code to save 3 dollars off the 19 dollar cost; $13.37 plus $6 for shipping and I figured I'd give it a shot.

August was there one month anniversary and the theme was CAKE.

Here's the entire goodies that came in the box!!

The portal items!! The lanyard is already hanging on my badge from work. I'm not going to lie, I have yet to play portal. Hahaha... don't tell anyone.

They let the fans picked an item to go in the box and these AMC The Walking Dead vinyls won. I got Merle. I wanted bloody Daryl but he's 1/144 so yea but this was good. I thought I would get a random zombie.

It also came with a shirt and the awesome thing is they ask what style and size would you like. That was awesome! I'm not a coffee drinker but this shirt is adorable. I may gift it to someone because I doubt I will wear it.

There was also a tiny bag of Jelly Belly and a $5 dollar off coupon from Woot Shirt.

Overall, I love the box and the items were well over the 19 dollars for the cost. I stayed signed up for next month to see what I get. They also have 3 month and 12 month memberships but I'm still on the fence. They charge you all at once, I believe. If you've been thinking about joining Loot Crate, I say give it a shot for a month and than decide. You can always give away what you don't like or sell it!

Do you guys know of another monthly sub?


  1. I've been thinking about joining a monthly sub and this one looks like a good one. My boyfriend will probably fight me for the shirts -_-

    1. I've heard many good things and I was impressed with this month. I'll post another review for Sept when it arrives!

  2. Omg! I want that coffee shirt so much. SO cute. I'd never heard of lootcrate. It looks so fun. I'll have to check it out.

    1. It is cute but I am totally not a coffee drinker. I'm all about the tea!!


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