The Avengers Duct Tape Iphone Wallet!!

My The Avengers duct tape arrived and I set out to make an iphone wallet from a tutorial I found on youtube.

I grabbed my excto knife, ruler, duct tape, and a sheet of clear protector and went to work following the instructions!!

Making the base of the wallet/

Hey there pockets! I made six of them!

Putting the wallet together. I used Cherry Red duct tape as a trim.

Adding a flap to the wallet. It wasn't in the tutorial so I winged it. Not too shabby!

The final product!! I can turn it on and off & it reads my finger movements through the plastic!

It was fun to make and I may make another one out of the Angry Birds. L actually took the pouch I made with her so she can use it at school. I may make myself a pouch out of the Avengers.

Now if I can find the Despicable Me Minion tape!!


  1. Replies
    1. I've been looking for a wallet/iphone holder but they either were way to expensive or not holding the phone the way I want it. I used it today and it worked. Just no camera opening but that's ok!

  2. You are so clever. It looks amazing. Where do you buy the fancy duct tape from? I've never seen it before.

    1. I'm not that clever. I found the tut on youtube! I've been finding them at Joann's, Target, Wal Mart, Michael's Arts & Crafts, and amazon! The duct tape patterns have kinda exploded lately.


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