Thrift Score!

I didn't get to visit the flea market last month but I got to finally hit it on Sunday and boy did I score some amazing things!! I also found a food truck that offered burgers protein style. It's on a bed of greens instead of a bun but it was yummy!! It was cold because it is never warm in San Francisco during the summer.

Our favorite toy seller was there! I picked up a couple of MLPs from the 80's but I need to clean them.

I am now addicted to buying vintage postcards. I found a few from Oakland but I found two from San Francisco and one of them was even written on! It was mailed 1939! I plan on using the FLASH one in my project life book and the cartoon I plan on mailing.

I came across this awesome BATMAN Returns coloring book. Only the front page was colored in!

I now present to you, my score for the day!!

I added another thermos to my collection. It was tagged at 10 bucks but Mistah J noticed a "everything on table for 3 bucks each." SCORE!! The Porky and Petunia glass was five bucks! Another Looney Tunes glassware to add to my set!

We found a Transformer and a Wolverine motorcycle. We are thinking the Transformer is ARCE and I'm not sure who made the Wolverine bike.

A tiny Star Wars collection we scored. The Jawa was a great find!

Last time I found Goomba and today I found Luigi. Now I just need Mario!

Oh, hello there pretties! I collect Disney records and I couldn't pass these pretties up! I got such a good deal too! The picture records are amazing! I just want to hang them up and never use them.

Someone had the Song of the South LP but was asking 20 for it. One day I will find it within my price range. Until than, I will just admire it.

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  1. That flash postcard is hot. Great finds all around!

  2. Soo many amazing finds. I've never seen those Disney picture records before. SO amazing. SO glad you got Luigi for your set and OMG... love the Ewok Pez dispenser.

  3. yep thats Arcee from transformers energon, if you ever feel shes not badarse enough with her accessories I could sent them to you one day.


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