Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thrift Score!!

How many of you remember way back in the day when McDonald's use to make awesome glasses that you can purchase with an extra value meal?

I use to collect them like mad and I have no idea whatever happened to them. Some may have broken, my mother may have either donated them or taken them when she moved. (She took my Dinobots with her. I had to take them back!)

Anyway. while venturing out to 2 different Goodwills, I came across some glasses!

I found three of The Flintstones glasses and a Two Face from Batman Forever! These were really hard to photograph!! It's all clear glass!!

I forgot how awesome the Batman Forever set was! It's Tommy Lee Jones in all of his Two Face glory!! I had to stuff some fabric in the glass so I could actually get a good photo.

I found three of the 5 The Flinstones!! These were sold during the live action film! I did see the first one but I do not remember it at all but I did like the glasses!

This was the favorite of the three. They handle is shaped like bones. Again, sorry for the fabric in them. I just couldn't work with clear glasses.

I have way too mugs/glasses that I have 2 boxes in storage full! It's one of my thrift weakness. Mugs. I collect them especially if they are vinatge/from my childhood. My last amazing find was a Strawberry Shortcake from 85 and a The X-Files mug. I adore and miss that show!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Oh man. I think we had the Batman and Robin one (with Batman and Robin). Way to take me back. If you miss the X-Files, have you watched Fringe? It's set in the same universe (they refer to the X-Files team) and is very similar in tone. Also, Joshua Jackson is very easy on the eyes. ;)

    1. I really want to find the Batman and Robin ones!! I've been searching on ebay but that takes away the fun of the hunt. I have been told to check out Fringe. I'm in the middle of Supernatural, just started season 6, and I think I will start Fringe when I'm done. Thanks!!

  2. I have the riddler and batman glasses. SO rad! I want the two face one now as well. And I can't get over how rad the flinstones cup is. So lucky.

  3. Neat! I saw a guy today on the bus who looked way to similar like Penguin. It was... awkward.

    You're lucky to have scored that She-ra comforter! Transformers flat sheet was on my list, so happy to come across it. I hadn't found any flat sheets for my collection in ages, just got lucky recently. Glad I'm not the only one who collects paper table cloths. :)


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