Thrift Score!!

How many of you remember way back in the day when McDonald's use to make awesome glasses that you can purchase with an extra value meal?

I use to collect them like mad and I have no idea whatever happened to them. Some may have broken, my mother may have either donated them or taken them when she moved. (She took my Dinobots with her. I had to take them back!)

Anyway. while venturing out to 2 different Goodwills, I came across some glasses!

I found three of The Flintstones glasses and a Two Face from Batman Forever! These were really hard to photograph!! It's all clear glass!!

I forgot how awesome the Batman Forever set was! It's Tommy Lee Jones in all of his Two Face glory!! I had to stuff some fabric in the glass so I could actually get a good photo.

I found three of the 5 The Flinstones!! These were sold during the live action film! I did see the first one but I do not remember it at all but I did like the glasses!

This was the favorite of the three. They handle is shaped like bones. Again, sorry for the fabric in them. I just couldn't work with clear glasses.

I have way too mugs/glasses that I have 2 boxes in storage full! It's one of my thrift weakness. Mugs. I collect them especially if they are vinatge/from my childhood. My last amazing find was a Strawberry Shortcake from 85 and a The X-Files mug. I adore and miss that show!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Oh man. I think we had the Batman and Robin one (with Batman and Robin). Way to take me back. If you miss the X-Files, have you watched Fringe? It's set in the same universe (they refer to the X-Files team) and is very similar in tone. Also, Joshua Jackson is very easy on the eyes. ;)

    1. I really want to find the Batman and Robin ones!! I've been searching on ebay but that takes away the fun of the hunt. I have been told to check out Fringe. I'm in the middle of Supernatural, just started season 6, and I think I will start Fringe when I'm done. Thanks!!

  2. I have the riddler and batman glasses. SO rad! I want the two face one now as well. And I can't get over how rad the flinstones cup is. So lucky.

  3. Neat! I saw a guy today on the bus who looked way to similar like Penguin. It was... awkward.

    You're lucky to have scored that She-ra comforter! Transformers flat sheet was on my list, so happy to come across it. I hadn't found any flat sheets for my collection in ages, just got lucky recently. Glad I'm not the only one who collects paper table cloths. :)


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