"Being a super hero is amazing. Everyone should try it.”

Oh wow, I haven't posted much! I have many excuses reasons!!

1. I started my first semester at San Francisco State as a junior! I transferred after getting my A.A. from Heald College (which I do NOT recommend.) I have a paper to write that is due next Monday, given to us last night, which I have to brief a court case. I am taking Sex and the Law and it is so much reading and writing. I'm majoring in Liberal Studies not trying to become a lawyer.

2. In the mist of all of this, we don't have a manager at work so I have been running the place. I get amazing help from my co-worker but when I get home (nights I don't have class) I just want to pass out. I was not trained to be a manager and it's so draining. Especially because we are a staff of four and two are new employees.

On the brightside of things:

1. My brother is taking a vacation is Tokyo. I handed him my left over Yen from my trip and only gave him two words: Sailor Moon.

2. Mistah J and I are taking a mini vacation to Reno, NV. I got a 2 day package deal to stay at a casino. We both need it! I am hoping it's still sunny and warm since the first day of Fall is Saturday!

Oh the real reason for this post is because of this:

I'm attending Disneyland's Not so Scary Halloween Party as Kate Bishop!! I love the cover from issue 9 and since I have the long hair and welovefine is selling the same shirt I decided why the heck not!

Kate Bishop is my favorite character and the Hawkeye comic is one of the best series out of MARVEL right now. Mistah J will tell you it's Captain Marvel & Deadpool but that will be an argument for another post. I have gone as Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Usagi from Sailor Moon but I wanted to make it easier and inexpensive this year. (HELLO LONDON!)

I bought polymer clay and dowels to make trick arrows!! Because... Boomerangs! Even though they are Clint's trick arrows, I believe Kate would totes borrow them. I'm making the tips from clay and will be gluing them to the dowels and spray painting them black. 

I'm going with a poster tube to make a quiver. I found a tut on tumblr that will give me ideas!

I'm hoping the airlines will let me check in and fly with the arrows and even though Disneyland allows adults to wear costumes during I hope they won't stop me from entering with them.

I can't wait!! Halloween is my favorite Holiday!!! What are your plans for Halloween??


  1. For Halloweeen I want to be Skelita from Monster High (I have a weird liking for those dolls man!), or, Blink from X-Men Age of Apocalypse. But I will probably be Catbug from Bravest Warriors, as i am slowly obtaining pieces that could EASILY be for ths costume!

    In comics I LOVE All New Xmen right now! And the whole battle of the Atom arc that just started!!!
    Also, Been reading the new Marvel NOW! X-Men that is female heavy! I AM LOVING the Girl Power!!! (NOT a Spice Girls refernece LOL)

    also, to make absolutely SURE you can bring in your arrows, make all but one suction-cupped. The one that is NOT use for pictures, but, the one that you make the polymer arrow head, for photos...or make a switchable option. When I went in February for my birthday, they were pretty strict.
    but it is for Halloween...
    Good luck!

    1. Monster High dolls are amazing. I have a nice collection. I love Catbug, I discovered Bravest Warriors and Bee and Puppycat.

      X-men is on my pull list, so happy Jubilee is back!

      It looks like my arrows maybe a no go but I got another plan.

      I want to see photos of your costume!

  2. HECK YES to the young avenger quote!!! And I can not wait to see you dressed as Kate.

    1. I am excited for Disney's Not so Scary Party!!


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